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Is Blogging Your Best Route to Success?

Jul 8, 2008
I admit it. I enjoy blogging for my business. It's a great way to bring in regular traffic, recommend products and make sales. But not only is it not for everyone, it's not for every kind of product.

Take one of my sites, for example. No blog, just information on the product. Earns in the $1000 range many months. My own efforts for it are much less than for blogs I have that earn less. The topic changes little enough that I'd be hard pressed to write about it regularly. It's an obvious choice for a static site, updated only as needed.

But if you're going to be adding information regularly, running the site as a blog or even just using it as a backend and making your site look like a static site is a very good idea. Blogging software combined with Feedburner or other services makes it easy to offer RSS feeds and email updates to your website. You get more chances to bring people back to your site. Why wouldn't you want that?

The trouble with blogging is that it is time intensive. Sure you can hack out a quickie post in a couple minutes if you need to. But can you do it regularly enough? Will it be interesting enough? Will anyone even care?

Planning is Key

No matter which route you choose, you should work up a plan so that you know how much you'll be working your site. Don't assume that you'll have the energy to do 10 posts a day, every day. That's a tough schedule to maintain, especially if you plan on quality to go with that quantity. But even just a few posts a week can be enough to make a good blog.

Before you really try to get things started, write out a few posts. Don't have them be on topics that must be posted immediately. Use them to fill in the blanks as you figure out a realistic work schedule for yourself.

It takes much the same if you're planning a static site. A one-page site is suitable for some purposes, but not for others.

Draw People Back to Your Site

Since many sales are not made by the first impression, you need to have some way to draw visitors back to your website. On a blog it is easy to make prominent links to subscribe to the RSS feed or by email. Some bloggers even place the suggestion to subscribe at the bottom of each post. This is a very natural placement, as visitors will have just finished reading and may be feeling like hearing more from you.

But don't give up on this with a static website. You can offer an ecourse that expands on your topic and keeps your offer in front of your subscribers. Keep the information useful to keep your subscribers reading.

It's Up to You

Despite its many advantages, blogging isn't the right choice for every business. It takes more of a commitment to regular content production, and if that's not your business model it's not going to work.
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Stephanie Foster blogs at http://www.aspectsofhomebusiness.com/blog/ about running her home business. Get more tips on blogging for home business at her site.
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