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Google Adsense and the Power of Duplication

Aug 17, 2007
So you get online, set up a Google Adsense website and watch the dollars roll in? Wrong! The top earners in the Google Adsense field are earning the big, big money by duplicating the process over and over.

A friend of mine saw the Google Adsense ads on my site a few days ago and was querying if that was how I made my money. He couldn't understand how these small ads could amount to a full-time online income and the fact is that they DO NOT, well not in isolation anyway.

Before we get into the nitty gritty, the truth is that at this point in time I am not making a great amount with Google Adsense but that is about to change because I am absolutely aware of and convinced in the power of DUPLICATION.

I am an affiliate marketer, I promote numerous affiliate programs throughout the Internet Marketing Niche. Some make me a few dollars per month and some a few hundred in residual income. I also sell affiliate products through Google Adwords and am duplicating this process across multiple markets. I'll not mention some of the niches here for obvious reasons:-). The point is that if I didn't duplicate what I know to work across many different programs and service I would still be pen pushing in my former offline 9-5 job.

Even this article is one of countless others. The power comes from consistently doing the things that work over and over and over again.

Getting back to Adsense, what I realise is that everyone I speak to about it ARE NOT setting up unique sites and then settling for this income. They are setting up 100s, sometimes even 1000s of sites. Then when certain markets prove more profitable than others, as they most certainly will, the smart people are building great networks of smaller sites around these niches AND linking them all together.

Can you see the power of duplication at work here?

The point of building many sites is that sooner or later you are going to hit the mark. It doesn't cost much to set up a domain and have it hosted. Plus there is software available that will literally create 100s of blogs in minutes from your top keywords.

The "clued in" inernet marketers making the moola are those that have taken action in the above way. I myself am guilty at times of looking at a plan and just not having the power to take it through to the end. This I believe is what happens to many when they even comtemplate creating 100s of sites.

The sad fact is that if you don't get of your backside and at least create one site then you are NEVER going to make Internet Marketing your full-time career.

Rome wasn't built in a day and neither will your Google Adsense Empire.
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