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The Super Affiliate Blueprint

Jul 8, 2008
If you search the internet for keywords such as "affiliate marketing programs" you will most likely come across ads from self proclaimed "super affiliates." Many ads are from those pretending to be immensely successful however you still need to be circumspect when evaluating programs of true super affiliates. The super affiliate knows that if they told the whole story about how much hard work is required to succeed, then their sales would suffer. The affiliate newbie needs to be prepared for what is required to succeed.

The first step is to join an affiliate marketing mentoring group. There are forums that specialize on affiliate marketing and you can have the opportunity to ask successful affiliate marketers questions on how to succeed. Pick a forum with a good Google page rank and strict rules limiting self promotion. The gurus from a quality forum who answer your questions are more likely to be genuinely interested in helping you.

It is tempting to pick programs that have not been launched and offer something new to your customers. Are you willing to put all that work into a business when there is more chance the merchant's website and business may be shut down? It may be more prudent to choose affiliate programs that are established and have a good track record of helping their affiliates succeed. There are no guarantees in business but there is more chance that established programs will still be operating while you are growing your business.

Are you confident at building your own website? If so then it may be worth the extra time to build your own site. Remember that you will need to add lots of unique content relevant to your site's theme and you may even need to offer your own products. A website that is predominately a vehicle for lots of links to affiliate programs is usually not favoured by the search engines.

If you are not confident at building your own website then you would be wise to choose a program that offers you a ready made website. This will save you a lot of time, however it is best to choose a merchant who can offer the following features.

1. The merchant must be able to offer you a website that allows you to choose your own unique domain name. If they can only offer you their domain with your affiliate name or number then you will find it tougher to succeed in today's market. Many of your potential customers will see your affiliate name or number and erase it when they place the order. You will miss out on the credit for the sale.

2. The merchant must be able to offer you the ability to make changes to your website. Having a ready made website is supposed to save you time, but to do no work on it at all means that your site will look exactly like hundreds or thousands of other affiliate sites on the web. The search engines will regard your site simply as duplicate content and you will not be ranked highly. If you can change color schemes, change text for SEO optimization and add numerous pages with unique content then you are on the way to achieving credibility as an internet marketer.

Finally you need patience and hard work. Work is required to promote your site and you need a lot of patience before you start to see worthwhile results. The idea that affiliate marketers can sit back and count their profits when sales start to roll in is a misconception. Promoting your website will be a constant, ongoing activity if you want to establish yourself as a super affiliate.
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