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Increase Your MLM Traffic Using Web 2.0 Secrets

Jul 8, 2008
I don't know about you but I am sick and tired of being sick and tired...You see I work from Home and have tried everything to get my MLM business off the ground. But I have found out that my upline is dead wrong...I HATE old-school MLM business building tactics.

Over the past year I have come to the conclusion that most MLMers can take their stupid rah-rah buttons, fliers to put up in the neighborhood, door-hangers, and hotel room pitches, and put them where the sun doesn't shine...Are you getting my drift.

Being a child of the Internet age I am not inclined to go out and badger strangers at a mall, or spend hours on the phone talking to people more desperate and broke than I am. I want to wake up in the morning to my coffee and a full email inbox. This is after all the Internet Age! So I needed to find a way to get my Upline to Wake up! Did you know that 99% of network marketers don't have a clue about how Web 2.0 works, Do You?

You need to be aware of how to generate online traffic and lead generation through capture pages. It is of value to have a formula so that you can do this again and again to allow you to build a time-less, work-at-home business that can help protect you against: Market changes, Downline attrition, and Competition

So in this new Web 2.0 era, you want to learn how to generate leads online and also figure out what to do with them. So this is where the real "thinking" comes into play, and it's what will ultimately determine if you're successful or not.

First Step has you developing a blue print for your marketing program. It is vital that you have the mindset needed to work in this industry, inspire your prospects, and also know your current competition. Who knows, they may someday be a part of your downline..

Second Step in your process is to understand how to generate online Traffic using things like blogs, Google Adwords, search engines, articles, press-releases, and CPA networks. Once you know this then you will have to learn how to turn this traffic into live valuable leads for you and your business.

The third step is to monetize your list of prospects by either sponsoring them into your primary opportunity, or promoting secondary products or services, such as using affiliate offers or making them customers of our products first. or thirdly create and market your own information product to sell to them.

These were just 3 steps in the formula I use to move Network Marketing prospects out of the Mall and on to the Internet. It is helping me build my business bigger and bigger everyday, I hope you found this helpful as well...The world is now my oyster...it can be yours too.
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