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The Importance of a Great Internet Marketing Strategy

Jul 9, 2008
Jigoro Kano, the founder of Kodokan Judo once said, "consider fully, act decisively". This small bit of wisdom shows us the importance of a great strategy before we act. People in business today know that a good strategy is the key to success. That is the reason why many entrepreneurs and CEOs spend a lot of money for consultants. Even internet moguls need a great internet marketing strategy in order to succeed. Why is this?

Well, a great internet marketing strategy is a form of anticipating the future. People know that there is nothing they can do to change what happens in their environment. However, they can change the way they react to it. A good internet marketing strategy anticipates the events in the market and helps a company or people decide how to act in case of such events.

What should a great internet marketing strategy incorporate?

1) Strength - A great internet marketing strategy should incorporate your strengths. It should learn how to make best use of those strengths. A great internet marketing strategy should make use of your full potential as an entrepreneur in order to succeed. It should enable you to react to different factors in such a way that would bring out the best in you. For example, do you have great advertising skills? Then a good internet marketing strategy would make use of those skills to sell whatever product or service you are offering. Strengths could be anything from skills to the ability to actually plan ahead.

2) Weaknesses - Of course, in order for an internet marketing strategy to work, it needs to consider your weaknesses as well as your strengths. Not to do so, would be overestimating you and would probably be a prelude to disaster. The internet can be a great place to remain anonymous and pretend to be invincible but if you are faced with a decision regarding business, those weaknesses will surface. You need to incorporate those weaknesses in an internet marketing strategy so you can make sure that those weaknesses do not hinder you on your road to success.

3) Opportunities - The main purpose of an internet marketing strategy is to take all of the uncontrollable factors and try to flow with them using the controllable ones. Hence, it is only necessary that a good internet marketing strategy should take various opportunities into account. A good internet marketing strategy would use data such as internet searches and news trends in order to try and anticipate market behavior on the internet. A great internet marketing strategy would help a company seek out opportunities for success. This could take the form of a new development in technology, a new fad or craze by the market or any other event that could lead your business to success.

4) Threats - A good internet marketing strategy should also take into account the various threats that a web-based business may encounter. This could be competition, certain events, or other uncontrollable factors that could cause the failure of an internet business. As we all learned from the collapse of the dot com businesses, the internet can be very fragile. Because of this, a good internet marketing strategy is required to make sure that all gaps are covered.

A great internet marketing strategy is important because it allows people to maximize their strengths, minimize their weaknesses, take advantage of opportunities and keep threats in check. That is the secret to success.
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