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A Beginner's Guide Affiliate Marketing

Jul 9, 2008
Looking for a tried-and-true, scam free way to make money on-line? Then affiliate marketing might be just the perfect opportunity you are looking for.

In short, affiliate marketing is earning commissions from the sales of products and services that were created by other people. There are many, many entrepreneurs and companies who use affiliate marketers as one of their top strategies for getting the word out to people who might be interested in what they have to sell.

This isn't like "selling" in the traditional off-line sense, where you sometimes have to make a lot of phone calls or knock on a lot of doors to reach customers. Affiliate marketing can be done entirely on-line. You may never have to directly interact with a customer at all.

That might sound impossible to you-selling without talking or dealing directly with customers. Understanding how affiliate marketing works will take a lot of the mystery out of the process.

Companies that have affiliate programs provide those who sign on as affiliates with a special URL to use when promoting their product. To obtain your own affiliate link, you complete a brief application with your name, address and other basic information, as well as how you would like to receive payment for sales. One of the fastest and most reliable methods of receiving payment on-line is through PayPal, which a lot of companies use to pay their affiliates.

You then use your affiliate link to send customers to the company's Web site. When those customers purchase something via your link, you earn your commission.

How do people find and click on your affiliate link? The most successful affiliate markets try one or a combination of the methods below:

1.They build Web sites on subject matters that would interest the same sorts of people who might buy the product, making sure their affiliate link is easily available throughout the site. If, for example, the product they are promoting as an affiliate is a gourmet dog biscuit, they would develop sites that would attract avid dog lovers.

2.You can start a blog where you review products or services that you are promoting as an affiliate, and put your link there for readers who want more information.

3.Writing and placing classified ads that you can place on other Web sites related to your product, or in e-mail newsletters (frequently referred to as "e-zines.")

4.You can write articles on topics related to the product or service you are promoting and post them to one or more of the free articles databases on internet. Again, remember to include your affiliate link somewhere within or at the end of the article.

Affiliate programs are easy to find. You can Google the terms "be an affiliate" or "affiliate program," where you'll find a tremendous selection of affiliate programs from which to choose.
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