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Work At Home Scams: Want To Know The Truth?

Jul 9, 2008
Are you considering starting a home-based business so you can earn an income while staying home with your children? There are many wonderful opportunities and success stories associated with home-based businesses, but there are also many scams and fraudulent schemes out there, as well. Here is a short checklist of what you might want to think about before starting a home-based business.

Remember that if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is! You would be shocked at how many smart individuals have fallen victim to scam artists. Watch out for business opportunities promising lots of money in a short time with little work.

One of the most common types of scams is the pyramid scheme business. Thankfully, these companies are illegal in many areas. The pyramid scheme encourages their members to recruit others to join the pyramid by paying money to the company. You do not actually make money by selling a product; you make money by recruiting. Since most people are only able to recruit so many others, only the people at the top of the pyramid actually see any real money. Sadly, the majority never make money from this type of business. Avoid the pyramid scheme at all cost!

Avoid pyramid schemes. Pyramid schemes are illegal in most states. Basically, a pyramid scheme consists of people recruiting other people to join the pyramid, usually for a fee. Your \"pay\" is based not on selling a product, but on recruiting others. There are only so many people you can recruit, so these schemes make a very few people some money, but for most people, they never see a cent from a pyramid. Run from this one.

Claims that sound way too good to be based on truth are most likely not. Usually, these companies require you to send money to purchase supplies; you put the given products together, and then mail the finished piece to the business. The company then typically says that you put the product together incorrectly, and you ultimately are not paid. The company is the sole judge of the products quality, so you are unable to recoup any funds that have been lost.

Outlandish claims on a Home Based Business site claiming you will make thousands of dollars in a short time period working from home are sure signs of a scam. Can this be reality? Unfortunately, it just isnt possible. It is possible to make money with a home based business due to a large internet audience, but you must heavily research these possibilities before jumping headfirst into a scam.

Watch out when the very first line in a Home Based Business website states you can make thousands of dollars a week working from home. Is this realistically possible? Not likely. Yes, the Internet does provide unique opportunities for you, especially in marketing to a very large audience, but be very careful and do your research before jumping in to any of these \"unique opportunities.\" Some of these really do work, especially in the Internet Marketing area. I've done them myself, and had some reasonable success. But just realize that most websites like this are simply designed to take your money. They hire people who are very convincing copy-writers. They know how to use words, pictures, graphs, etc. to convince you of pretty much anything.

To protect yourself, see if the company in question can actually back up their claims. You read an ad that sounds ambiguous; you cant even tell what the business actually is, but you will be making millions a year! Read between the lines, study the fine print- you will more than likely discover that it is just another work at home scam. Research each opportunity thoroughly. The internet is full of lucrative businesses, but the scams can certainly make them difficult to find.
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