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How To Get A Good Ranking On Google - Top 10 Ways

Jul 9, 2008
First off you need to ask yourself is how do I promote a website. There are several methods that all work together.

The best way to promote your website is to build your website Google friendly. I know what some of you are asking is what does this mean? Their are no tricks needed to be listed and competing with the big boys online.

The first time I had a website listed above a big company, I almost had a heart attack. I could not believe that I owned a phrase that beat out the company Apple.

Then I got cocky and tried some other things on my site and low and behold, not only did I lose my page 1 position 1 ranking for a keyword phrase, I could not find my listing anywhere 20 pages deep anymore. This is when I troubleshot and tried to realize what had happened.

I then cracked the code and it is now pretty easy for me to tell, once a new website gets indexed, where that website will be listed on Google and how much work I have to put in to get it to climb up the rankings for phrases.

So here is my Top 10 tips for all of you:

1) Get out easy and hire me to build your site. Although that would be the easy way out for you, I will show you what I do to rank highly on search engines.

2) Rebuilding an existing site may have to be done. Starting from scratch may help you and be easier in the long run.

3) Start by picking your main keyword and make it part of your domain name. If you are selling golf clubs and only plan on selling it to customers in your city, make sure your domain name starts something brandable .

You still have the 2 main keywords you will be optimizing your site for. Just make sure whatever product or service you are selling is in the domain name.

4) Do an extensive keyword search. If golf clubs is one of your main keywords, find as many phrases that are searched on google with golf clubs in the phrase. i.e. golf club shaft, golf club tape, golf club repair, golf club swing and write it all down.

5) Now find out how many keyword phrases you have and guesstimate that is how many pages you need to build for a high traffic website. If you have 50 keyword phrases, you should build around 50 pages to get all the phrases optimized on your site.

6) When you start to build your site, put a browser title up that is your keyword phrase. This is where some people mess up. If you write a book, you need to put a title on your book so Google and Yahoo can find your book. In your meta tags put your keyword phrase in the title for each phrase. If you have a 50 page site, you should have 50 different meta tag titles. Install your meta tags because lesser know search engines still use this method to get you listed.

7) Now build all 50 pages and make sure you are not copying every page to look the same. This is called SPAM. Every page should have a different keyword phrase. Write something about that phrase in your own words if possible. Make as much changes within all 50 pages as possible. Although some things will be the same, just try and keep it different as much as possible.

8) Although there is a tab for every page, you should build your own internal linking section. This is where you can select a phrase and it will take you to another page. Make sure you use all 50 of your keyword phrases here. This will get you ranked on page 1 without even trying on lesser used keywords if done correctly.

9) Install Google, Yahoo, MSN webmaster tools to your website and build or list your sitemap with the big 3.

10) When building back links to your site, most people get this wrong. For example I have a page called "golf club swing" as one of my keywords and a whole page was built on this term. When you go to a blog or news report article, sometimes they let you leave a comment on the bottom. Lots of times it is these three things they ask for: name, url, comment. Now this is where they get it wrong.

In the name section, do not put your name. Instead you put your keyword phrase you are trying to promote. In this case I would put "golf club swing" into the name section.

I would put in your URL . Leave a comment in the comment section and you are done. Ask yourself this, what just happened? What you did is you built yourself a back link to your website with the phrase "golf club swing" instead of your name. "golf club swing" is usually hyper linked and now when you click on it, it should go to your website.

Now Google knows that when someone types in the phrase in the search bar, golf club swing, your website is about this exact phrase.
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