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How To Get Free Real Estate Training

Jul 9, 2008
So, you want to invest in real estate, but you are hesitant about parting with any money because you do not know what you are doing. What you need is some free real estate training to get you started in this fascinating career.

I was like you not too long ago. I had a job that I disliked but paid the bills. I lived from paycheck to paycheck. I wanted something better and knew that I could find it in real estate. The reason for this was that everyone I knew who had truly made it, had 'real estate' behind their name. I made it my mission to find free real estate training.

Some of the free real estate training that I found was not very wise. I could see through it right away. The information seemed to contradict itself and did not seem sound. On top of that, it appeared that the investor was not really an investor at all - just someone looking to make money on the internet by selling information that he said was true.

I began to get a bit leery when it came to real estate information until I found the right person. This was from a real estate investor with a proven track record and offered me free real estate training as well as much information for which I was glad to pay. After learning how to invest in real estate I was ready for my first investment. Do you know that I made over $50,000 on my first investment alone? Of course, from then on, I was hooked.

You, too, can get started in real estate investing. Although the residential real estate market appears to have crashed, this is a time for investing, not whining. Savvy real estate investors see it for what it is - a business opportunity. There are more foreclosures on the market today than any time in history. And what happens when there is more of a supply than a demand? Yes - the price goes down.

So if you have been thinking of investing in foreclosures, now is the time to do it. Foreclosures are supposed to remain abundant for the next couple of years, at which time the market will turn around. The real estate market is always up and down - you just have to know how to play it. When you have the proper free real estate training, you can learn how to make a good investment in a down market.

Do you know how to bid on a foreclosure? You have to present a contract to the bank that owns the property. You should be familiar with this, as well as other real estate documents, and know what you can include on your real estate contract for the foreclosure. For example, there can be no contingencies on a foreclosure real estate contract. You have to do all of your inspections and due diligence prior to the contract being accepted. If you have never before performed due diligence and are unfamiliar with real estate documents, you need to find some free real estate training that will enable you to understand how to use the proper documents and what due diligence needs to be performed.

If you have always wanted to invest full time, you should know that you can do so easily. You just have to have the right information. If I managed to do this and become successful, anyone can. I knew nothing about real estate when I started and now I am a full time investor, living the life that I often dreamed of living.
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