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Do You Want To Become A Child Actor?

Jul 9, 2008
Many famous actors and actresses got their start at a very young age. Most directors favor working with adults that had child acting experience because they feel very comfortable in front of the camera. There is a wide variety of big-time actors that did a lot of work as children. Some of these include: Drew Barrymore, Book Shields, and Lindsay Lohan.

If the child has talent, it is usually easier to break into the industry at a young age. There is no question that there are a lot of dangers for children that get put in the spotlight in their youth. There have been countless individuals who have struggled with addiction and other problems because of their success on the big screen. It is the responsibility of the parent to protect their child and hold his/her feet to the ground. There is nothing wrong with pursuing acting with your child if you do it in the right manner.

There are a few basis things all children must do to be successful. First, he/she is going to have to land a few jobs and use these little successes to build a respectable portfolio. Having a commendable portfolio is going to be the most important factor in getting work. This is the key that will let the child be considered for more significant work in the future. The most important things are to get as much experience and confidence as possible.

All parents think their child is the most beautiful and talented thing to walk the Earth. Most don't realize there is a lot more to do then just stand there and look cute. Acting is a skill, and like all other skills some people are better at it than others. There are a few basic characteristics that all successful child actors possess.

First off, the child needs to be a willing participant. Many times, it is the parents that want to pursue this career and not the child.

Next, the child needs to have a dedicated work ethic. It takes an enormous amount of time for anyone to memorize an entire script. If your kid has a hard time focusing, he/she is going to have no chance in the acting industry.

Lastly, your child needs to understand and be able to deal with rejection. This is just a part of the acting world. There are going to be times when everything does not go according to plan. If your child has a hard time dealing with this, it is going to be very difficult making acting a career.

The most important thing parents need to worry about is the protection of their child. You can't let yourself or your child get caught up in all the hype. This will prove to be very destructive and detrimental well into adulthood. When done correctly acting can be a great activity for children. It will broaden the mind and develop unique talents.
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