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Are Paid Surveys the Right Money Making Method For You?

Jul 9, 2008
Making money online can be a difficult endeavor, especially with the amount of competition that exists in nearly every niche. For many people, starting their own Internet business is too demanding and complex; or, they simply do not have the money to invest in such a thing. If you do not work solely for yourself, other options include freelancing, which is working for multiple companies on a by-job basis, as well as committing to working for just one business.

These are all very formal routes to take, but they are not the only choices. Informal options exist as well, such as the vast amount of Get Paid To programs. There are also survey websites, in which you can get paid just for giving your opinion and trying out products. Paid surveys are quickly becoming an increasingly easy way to make money online, and there is no shortage of survey companies for one to join.

Some entrepreneurs make money not by running a paid survey website, but by simply providing lists of survey companies. Within this kind of business, two types of lists can be given; free lists or those that need to be purchased. Plenty of free list websites can be found just by doing a quick search on Google. The survey sites that are found in free lists are of good quality, and may contain most of the sites that are included in a paid list.

However, lists that you need to pay for often include a few premier survey sites that are not open to the general public, and thus they pay more per survey completed. If you are serious about making a lot of money with surveys, it is wise to invest time and money in finding the perfect company to work for.

As if buying lists was not enough, sometimes you need to buy your way in to a survey company. Most businesses do not charge a joining fee, although the ones that are in demand and incredibly popular often can get away with doing so. For those that require payment, the widespread justification is that the fee exists to, Weed out the non-serious, uncommitted users from the ones who are truly interested in survey taking. While this is somewhat accurate, many survey websites that do not require a fee pay as much or more than ones that do. It is just a matter of finding the most optimal survey site, as there are hundreds of potential opportunities out there.

The level of participating required by a survey site is directly proportional to how much money they pay out. Some surveys are worth as low as fifty cents, while others can be worth seventy five dollars or more. Cheap surveys are very simple to complete and usually take only about five to ten minutes. More elaborate surveys can take hours to complete, and some even involve having a product sent to your house for you to try out (in this case, an extra benefit is that you get to keep the product).

Websites that provide high paying surveys like this are more apt to charge a membership fee, although there are a few out there that are free to join. By participating in a variety of survey websites, it is possible to earn a substantial, alternative income that is a great supplement to one's day job.
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