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Home BusinessesWhat To Beware Of

Jul 9, 2008
Home businesses are very attractive and viable sources of income. It is an excellent source for a person to supplement their income just by working weekly from the comfort of their home. Many entrepreneurs have thrived on such business. But as roses are accompanied by thorns so are these. Scams concerning home business are rampant these days.

Many home business scams exist to try to lure unsuspecting people who want to have some sort of legitimate work at home business into buying into a system or purchasing kits and other materials from them with the promise of income that reaches no ceiling and free time to relax instead of earning a living. In reality, these scams are solely aimed at helping someone else earn an easy living at your expense, and can ultimately lead a person to end up losing more than they would ever make using these services.

One of the oldest scams has been the one where the person had to mail envelopes to other people containing leaflets on behalf of someone .But the unsuspecting person who has been promised a dollar per envelope, isnt paid any money and the sole transaction takes place between the other two parties.

The second method of scamming people is to sell them coding and billing software worth hundreds promising them with work from medical outfits. But this work never comes and the person ends up having wasted hundreds of dollars. The scammers fool people, by giving them, lists of prospective clients in their area for a fee.

The medical coding business scams are not only expensive to get into - with much of the software costing hundreds of dollars - but can also be an illegal activity in some areas. Many jurisdictions require medical coding and billing outfits and individuals to be trained in an accredited program and have a license with agencies to do this work. Plus, many medical outfits use businesses that can process large amounts of data more efficiently than an individual. In these cases, the individual that purchases the software has literally done just that, with no prospect of using it to make money.

A third type of scam is one which wastes your money as well as your time. These are the one s where you buy assembly kits and submit the assembled product back in exchange of money. What happens is that the company will reject the assembled product citing poor quality, and the person ends up having g lost a lot o f money and time.

The most popular and growing scams are the data entry scams. The scammers load you with a lot of work, making you fill forms and spreadsheets. But when the time comes to pay up they simply forget you and discard your work saying it was unsatisfactory. Reputable data entry firms are present but they are rare.

So, there is no easy money. Whether it is the comfort of home or in an office hard work is always the requisite for earning money. So, for the wannabe home home business man you have to do your own research to see which are legitimate.
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