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Bring The World Into Your Living Room With Teleseminars

Jul 9, 2008
Teleseminar, it certainly sounds like a scary high tech next generation marketing tool, but in fact it is quite simple really. A Teleseminar is also referred to as a teleconference and it is a way to bring the world into your own living room.

You may have already taken part in a teleseminar without even knowing it. I remember sometime back n the 70s an old uncle called from abroad, our family were so excited each of us picked up one of the home telephone extensions and started chatting all at once as he told us the fun he was having living on this tropical island. Well, that was a Teleseminar.

Well it was a teleconference 70s style anyway! It was a conversation that took place with one person leading it and everyone else listening, asking questions and taking part in the discussion.

Later in the late 80s 3 way calling was introduced by the major telephone carriers. Basically I could call a friend, who would call another friend and we could all hook up together talking about that other friend who wasnt there at the time. From memory I believe these were called party lines. Large successful corporations and worldwide business social networks have already been enjoying 'party lines' as a means of conducting important business communication long before it became a social novelty. Yet still the basic technology was only young. Certainly this is a whole new millennium and technology has advanced in leaps and bounds.

One thing has not changed however; this is how easy it is to conduct or participate in a teleseminar. These examples here may be a little primitive given the quality and the benefits a teleseminar offers us but it is simply that easy.

Today we have access to a teleseminar, or teleconferencing so that we may attend seminars, lectures or to even participate in study courses. Many study courses offered today with the help of a teleseminar would have been absolutely impossible not so long ago. Certainly without an unlimited budget and no consideration to time restrictions we could not possibly take the opportunity to be personally trained by an expert in a subject of our interests from the other side of the world.

Perhaps if our favorite expert was to write a book, we might get to read it one day, but this does not even come close to bringing the same quality of results we receive from direct communication. A teleseminar allows us to ask questions and get answers in real time, and even develop real teacher/participant relationships.

There are many benefits in participating in a teleseminar that certainly cannot be duplicated by any means except having to personally attend classes, or physical seminars.

Teleseminars do not have to be learning based either. A great way to meet people internationally is to participate in a teleseminar. People from around the globe all phone the same telephone number at the same time and enjoy each others company. This is social networking without leaving home!

The rapport we build with others who may also attend the seminar of our interest greatly enriches our learning experience and enjoyment of our interest. Brainstorming or the sharing of ideas creates an environment that heightens our understanding and creativity, this is truly irreplaceable.

Too many of us have not pursued our interests due to the usual commitments of our lives. For some of us that means we have a family to tend to or employment commitments or both. Others may not have had the opportunity to take part in a course or program of our interest due to some ill health or even challenged physical ability.

Given that we dont all live in or near a city, folk from the country have been missing out on meeting people, attending lectures, seminars or study courses due to time and distance restraints. Clearly the availability of teleseminars has broken the chains that have kept us from enjoying everything that we should.

With the simplicity of a teleseminar and the benefits a teleseminar offers us in perhaps furthering our education or enriching our personal interests and even the opportunity of broadening our social network teleseminars or teleconferencing is certainly a welcome advancement in our lives.
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