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Consistency Should be Your Gauge For Web Services Offered Today

Jul 9, 2008
We all know that hackers have their share of trying to prove their greatness and it comes in the form of giving problems and headaches towards big companies such as Comcast. Apparently this is not something new anymore but if word gets out, you may have a big problem in the form of customers in your hand.

This will surely question the ability of Comcast personnel on their ability to handle such security breaches. If Comcast knows any better, it should do something about it.

Some Comcast customers are complaining that they still cannot access their e-mail even after the company says it has fixed a problem caused by a hacker who got into their site.

Xoom, that online remittance website that has made strides years back, is slowly deteriorating. Compared to the fast transactions and remittances that they can send to countries like the Philippines and India, they have really dwindled in services, putting outrageous constraints to people who were really satisfied with their service.

The worst thing is, when you ask for explanations regarding cancelled transactions, they do not give you an explanation. They say it is confidential and cannot be disclosed. If that is the case, then why did they even bother putting up customer service support? Talk about quality service, Xoom is a clear example of a good business going bad and will soon be defunct.

If you talk about web services, Amazon is sure to be included among the top vendors when you talk about online selling options for the trendy people of today. Apparently the demand overshot the what Amazon had earlier expected and thus the need to further simplify things in the form of grouping and categorizing items up for grabs has become a need for them today.

Third-party sellers account for 30 percent of the units sold on Amazon, Bezos said.

The amount of bandwidth used by Amazon Web Services, which includes cloud computing and server storage space, recently surpassed the bandwidth used for its retail business, he said.

When it comes to paying off your bills and monthly expenses, online banking has certainly made life easier. Most banks today have embraced the gifts of technology and we can see that with online access normally on their websites.

So when you want to make money transfers and bills payments in a hurry, you don't have to go out and get to the nearest bank to do so. Simply register with your bank and do all your transactions online. It is surely lesser of a problem especially when you want to beat deadline of payments today.

As far as offering services for online users, expect mobile applications and programs to grow in the coming years as mobile computing and access have evidently become a notable uprising thanks to the latest gadgets that allow people to access the web anywhere with their gadgets.

With that in mind, service providers who make a living on the web are sure to grab this opportunity and make studies on what people would really look for. Aside from the usual information they need, emails, social communities and podcasts are surely among the top preferences we know of today.
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