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Jul 9, 2008
The most popular and most successful form of interactive programs in the world wide web are games. This is because they are not only beneficial in term of mind growth, they also allow social relationships to be fostered even if it is virtual. They are addictive, fun, intriguing and not to mention, readily available to anyone. All of these are important aspects in internet application as stated by Jonathan Boutelle, CTO of Uzanto.He has discussed the game inspired techniques of online casual games incorporated in Mindcanvas, a survey application and SlideShare, a social sharing application for interactive slideshows. Both of which he says, has the charisma of an online game.

There are a lot of controversy sorrounding "tagging" in the net applications data base. In his presentation, founder Thomas vander Wal, who also happens to be an expert in web information and applications architectural designs discussed that the current status of the tag industry actually allows for us to augment the idea of existing policies and pratices without hindering the path to new alternatives.

He also said that today, it is much more difficult to organize web contents and assures that his well developed tag allows for easier navigation.He also said that tagging allows user to double check web information first hand and that it allows free and personal thinking to be dominant.

Remember when we were kids and we used to love playing tags? Well were all grown up now but were still fond of playing the game although in a much more complex environment. In the past there were tremendous attention spot lighted on the idea of internet tagging. The deal was to ask individuals to associate words or phrases with the given summary provided on a web content and as if like magic, after quite some time you will be able to create a web organization which pretty much makes everything easier to find in a pulse. The word tagging pretty much sums up the nature of the sites wherein this process is implemeneted, and by the look of things, it is working even though that is an oddity in itself.

Yahoo offers the entire surfing population to access a graphic or visual dominion easier compared to everything and anything else that came before it. For the first time the components of a Flash program and the user friendly nature of an Ajax is merged to create and HTML based program that is beyond anything else that was created before. The easy uploads and easier theme designs made Flickr an instant hit among the art world seeing that they are now able to share and network their creations in a much more tolerant not to mention popular market in the web.Flickr just changed the face of web applications forever

We give you the first of the Web series, the Web 1.0 applications. It is basically monolithic in nature. It is made up of HTML only making use of amateur interface of a page-based model. This particular program is known to frustrate users seeing that it far from being simple and easy to navigate. There are times when certain online applications could be made out using Flash but well all know that is stand-alone and pretty much has its own dominion that is not a part of other web sites.

Flash offers a wider range of designs and is much more fun to make use of but because of its isolation, it is often rendered to be very limited in term of functionality.
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