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Jul 9, 2008
In cases where you have to send large files, you can always use the usual compression software such as Winzip or Winrar to save on space. The larger files sent as is will take a long time to download and worst, some may even linger in the mail server causing unnecessary space that may eventually lead for other incoming mails to bounce.

While some people would not be religious in checking their emails daily, these are factors that contribute towards clogging up your email box. The best way to go is to try and decrease the size of the file. Compressing them is just one of it.

If you haven't signed up with any free web-based mail today, chances are you will not get the simple and ideal email address you will want. Some would resort to other things is to put numbers or play around with initials.

For some services which allow you to get the name you want, ISP's normally can give them to you. This also depends on the number of subscriber there are but depending on what actual email address you want, the chances of landing them with the providers are usually better.

Remember, these emails are your identity on the web. The more you get them, the better it is for you to be recognized.

We cannot avoid sending files, especially photos and images which will vary in size. Normally, free web mail puts a limit to these but as far as personal emails that come with the package service plans allow us to send larger ones.

This was the practice some time ago and today, most email providers, particularly the free web based ones, have increased the capacity of files to be sent. This stems from the fact that along with the growth of technology comes the increase in file size. While we want to avoid them, there are instances where we really cannot avoid sending them in these large formats.

Have you ever wondered if your emails were really read by the person to whom you sent them to? Well, one thing you can make sure to grab their attention is be sure that they are opened once received.

Some people fail to realize that the actual attention grabber is the subject that recipients see. It is the first thing that makes them decide if they should prioritize reading the received email or not.

Basic as it may seem, don't forget that the subject line will bring the whole summary of what the email is all about.

For domain owners and users, you will usually get a package deal in have a mail domain nameserver to go with the domain you use. This allows you to assign and create your preferred emails since you own that domain. But one thing you will notice is that you are tasked with maintaining it as well.

This includes tasks as assigning storage quota, email types and handling and whether you want them to be stored on the server or downloaded once accessed. Of the three, the storage quota is important. Remember that if that email is not checked or retrieved regularly, they will pile up, occupying a larger space and eventually become a problem when you start receiving new mail.
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