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You Need an Automated List Builder for Easy Online Marketing

Jul 9, 2008
To be super successful at online marketing, you have to sell to an email list, preferably one that is grown and maintained by you. There are many ways of doing that, but they always boil down to the same basic steps and bottlenecks. If you're a smart marketer, you'll try to automate as much of the process as possible. But you'll find that automation, especially an automated list builder, is critical for getting rid of bottlenecks. It's often the only solution.

There are two kinds of lists: the kind you build on your own and the kind you get from other people. Some use automated list builder processes and some are just lists lumped together. For example, you can buy lists from email exchanges, but, despite claims to the contrary, those are usually untargeted spam lists. They are initially built using shady automated list builder processes like promising a free laptop to the unwary, but you are not using an automated list builder sequence by buying such a list. You are just buying a list of strangers.

Opt-in, also called permission marketing, is the only way to go. Even here, you should favor quality over quantity. For example, co-registration and traffic exchanges could result in massive email lists, but in most cases they will not be populated with high-quality prospects. They do not "use" automated list builders to target customers. They "become" automated list builders as a product in themselves. Ideally you want to use an automated list builder philosophy as part of a sales process that targets hungry buyers.

Here's the challenge in building the list yourself. Either you put up an email capture box and hope for the best, or you get a lot of visitors irritated with pop-ups and squeeze pages that barge in on their concentration. A free bonus as enticement to opt-in doesn't help much in many cases. The trick is to devise an automated list builder that captures names and emails from visitors, but seems like an integral part of the content they are reading.

Look at the email marketing process. Your three main goals will be:

1. Grow a list;
2. Sell list members some products; and
3. Sell them some more products over and over.

That's it. Now look at what goes into growing a list:

1. Decide on a product to sell, plan a site and build it.
2. Prepare email marketing materials and resources. This usually means getting an autoresponder, preloading prescheduled emails (about 6 or so), preparing the products that you will offer in those emails, designing the capture box and generating the code for it, in other words, the automated list builder.
3. Put the automated list builder on the site, making it fit in with the rest of the design.
4. Drive traffic to the site.
5. Gather opt-in names and emails using different automated list builder strategies. Keep in mind that you need to separate your prospect list from the customer list so you don't offer a product to someone who just bought it. You also want to track how well you are doing. Most of all, you do not want to irritate good prospects and make them go away.
6. After a sale or when a visitor leaves the site, you should also include backend offers in your automated list builder sequence.
7. Follow-up your opt-in list with prescheduled emails and periodic email broadcasts for selling more products.

Look at this process. Sure there is some writing to do and you have to wage a fairly decent traffic and sales campaign. However, if you do not have a well designed opt-in process as part of your automated list builder, then you are literally throwing away money.

For most people, making an automated list builder is problematic both psychologically and technically. They think it's intrusive to visitors. And it's boring and complicated to install.

But an autoresponder is simply not enough for great results. You need an intelligent automated list builder that helps visitors find what they are looking for. You do not need a bottleneck of distracting intrusions in your visitor flow that demands emails almost as ransom. This sends many interested visitors running away and that could cost you a ton of money in lost sales.

There are several automated list builders on the market. Here are some features you want to look for:

1. Easy to install;
2. Creative and entertaining;
3. Weeds out spammers and freebie-hunters;
4. Has test procedures, including niche testing;
5. Separates prospect lists from customer lists.

With a good automated list builder, you are free to concentrate on improving content, eliminating other bottlenecks, enhancing your site and waging a powerful sales campaign. Without a high-quality automated list builder, those parts might be great, but they will not become money in your pocket.
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Michael Stuart Kelly is an Internet marketer who has worked in music, entertainment, motion pictures, translation, international finance, writing, and some offbeat activities. For more great stuff on list building, see his site Automated List Builder .
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