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How To Get Tremendous Traffic From Digg?

Jul 9, 2008
Digg is a famous Web 2.0 website. Thousands of visitors visit this site each day and it becomes one of the most important traffic building strategies for online marketers. So how can you get huge amount of traffic from Digg?

In this article, I will show you how to make your site popular on Digg and get a lot of visitors at the same time.

Submitting your story to Digg is the main way of getting traffic from it. When you submit your story, it goes to the Upcoming Stories as a newly submitted story. If your story gets enough diggs and comments, it can go to the Popular Stories.

If your story does not get enough diggs and comments or gets negative comments from users, then it will not go to the homepage and will be removed from Upcoming Stories.

As mentioned above, in order to get massive traffic from Digg, your story should be on Popular Stories. It is the homepage of Digg where thousands of visitors visit each hour, so if your story is there, then your site will get hundreds or thousands of visitors in a short time.

To move your story to the Popular Stories, your story must get a lot of diggs and comments. How can you get other users to digg your story? Here are the important tips to achieve this goal:

1- Submit your best story. Do not submit all of your blog posts and pages to Digg. Your story must be fresh, high quality news. It is best to submit how to guides, provocative, shocking, breaking news.

2- Make eye catching title. Title is an important part of the story. If your story has an eye catching title, then it will get users attention and diggs as a result. Here are the ways of writing an eye catching title:

- Promise a benefit (free, how to, learn, discover, save, earn, find out)
- Pose a question (what, how to, what can you, why)
- Shocking and curiosity words (secret, hidden, death, revealed, breakthrough, uncovered).

3- Write an interesting description. You should write such a description that it would be interesting, useful, relevant, helpful, funny for other Digg users. Make your description provoking, unusual. You can also pose questions (what and so on) to make it diggable for the Digg community.

If the title and description is good enough, users will digg it.

These are the main strategies for getting a lot of traffic from Digg website. I talked about how to improve the ranking of your story and get a lot of visitors from Digg. Certainly, your network of friends, comments on your stories and other factors can play an important role too in results you get from Digg.
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