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Do You Have What It Takes To Become An Affiliate Marketer?

Jul 9, 2008
Are your experience and skills and being wasted at your current job?

All of your creative efforts and talent given to your boss and company usually result in few rewards. How about taking your talents and having them work for you, yourself rather than someone else? Have you investigated starting your own business and then found that the funds needed were way above what you could come up with?

If your answers were yes to any of the above questions then you may be a prime candidate for becoming an affiliate. Most folks who want to start their own business are stopped by two things....money and risk.

Even a small business set up as a sole proprietorship needs significant capital. If one has to get financing to raise the startup costs, the risk factor comes into play. As most know, a sizable percentage of small businesses do not make it in the first year.

Even if you are lucky enough to last through that first year, there remain many challenges to be met. You may not see any sizable profits for five years.
Are you able to wait that long? Business owners absolutely need a steady cash flow coming in to pay for daily obligations.

If you become an affiliate you can start on your goal of independence without huge risk or huge investment. An affiliate's job is working to sell the products and increase the sales revenues of another company. Although this may be similar to a normal job, your income is a percentage of the sales you make rather than a frozen hourly wage. The company using you as an affiliate will handle the creation and advertising of the products. It is your responsibility how you sell them. Income is only limited by your efforts...the more product you are able to sell, the more money you can make.

Good affiliates are people that enjoy flexibility and independence when working. If you want or need flexible work hours, being an affiliate meets that criteria. As said above, your pay is based on performance rather than the number of hours you work. Work can scheduled around things like family and other commitments.

If you are a self starter and independent, then an affiliate career may be perfect for you. If you are motivated, creative and driven then do consider
an affiliate business. You can run it from home with little obligation or cost. Enjoying the freedom as an affiliate provides lots of gains and very few losses.
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