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Outsourcing Abound Is The Way To Go

Jul 9, 2008
With the economic trends that US companies are forced to deal with, more and more business consultants are declaring that there is simply no better time than the present for struggling companies to weigh the advantages of either local or offshore outsourcing. With the economy heading into a downturn, companies across the board are looking for ways to minimize costs while increasing competitive advantages. Choosing to outsource certain operational business processes can provide these benefits.

However, it should be noted that saving money is not the only reason to outsource projects and services. In fact, according to consultants that work closely with a variety of companies to help them with their outsourcing needs, cost efficiency is not always the principal reason for this practice these days, even though it is always a factor to one degree or another.

Frequently, in today's business climate, the primary motivation to turn to outsourcing is the ability it offers an organization to concentrate on their core strengths and on strategic initiatives. Many times a company will outsource to gain a competitive edge; by strictly focusing on what it does best and outsourcing ancillary business activities.

A second reason for taking advantage of outsourced services is to gain operational efficiency in many areas. A company can leverage equipment, staff, training, inventories, experience and expertise of other organizations when they outsource projects to established outsourcing services. This in turn allows for an increased "speed-to-market" with new ideas, products, and services and also allows for leveraging of scarce or expensive resources.

This truly can create a win-win collaborative partnership with the other companies that will provide the outsourced work and materials. Arrangements such as these allow each company involved in a project to focus on its strengths, while outsourcing its weaknesses. This strategy has proven to be a highly effective way to use both human resources and material resources in an organization.

These are significant and compelling reasons for any company to consider outsourcing, especially those undergoing phases of growth and expansion. But making the decision to use outsourced services to reach tactical objectives is often the easy part; the rest of the process can be much more complex and even delicate to carry out.

The next step is to identify the right outsourcing services provider that will be able to integrate seamlessly into the current business operational model. Service level agreements that will be made between the company and the provider of the outsourced work must delineate expectations of both parties and set parameters for measuring the success of a project. This important stage helps determine value of managed services outsourcing and can help avert potential disagreements.

Some vendors of outsource services might raise objections to putting such metrics and reporting agreements into practice. However, the lack of this kind of agreement should be cause for looking for a different vendor. In such agreements, there should also be an allowance for making changes to measuring methods, as needed during the life cycle of the project being outsourced.
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