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Ten Tips for Starting a Wildly Profitable Online Business From the Comfort of Your Home!

Jul 9, 2008
The demand for home businesses has skyrocketed, thanks to the internet. People want the freedom to work from home. Millions of people are looking for a way to diversify, retire early or make money online. That's why network marketing is one of the fastest growing industries in the world.

Here are some tips to remember when starting a home business.

Tip #1: Accomplish more by leveraging your time.

You'll never get rich trading your dollars for time. Most of the wealthy got that way by letting their money and other people work for them to get where they are.

You may only be able to work a few hours a week, but you can leverage the work of 100 other people to create a 1000 hour work week. That's one way to become wealthy.

Tip #2: Use an automatic marketing system.

Guess what? The number one reason people can't make it online is because they can't or don't like to sell. In fact, that used to be my problem as well.

The solution is to simply set up an automatic marketing system where capturing leads, following up, and selling is all done for you.

In fact, you can even have your team trained and on auto-pilot. Your job is simply to be available to them and be yourself.

Tip #3: Don't Re-Invent the wheel.

There's no reason to start from scratch. That's the most difficult way to do anything. Inventors need to fail many times before finally getting want they want. I would much rather be a copy-cat.

Find a system that you know is working. Then jump in and use it. This will save you thousands of dollars as well as years of lost time.

Just do what you know already works.

Tip #4: Find a personal mentor.

Every successful business person has a mentor. In fact, many of the best have two or three of them. They're there for one reason... to help them be the best they can possibly be. In some situations, they advise. Other times they encourage. Overall, they stay with you on the way to success.

A mentor will help you develop a plan. They'll help keep you on course. They'll take you from where you are currently to where you should be.

Tip #5: Your online business depends on your ability to generate leads.

Generating leads can be one of the biggest expenses for most businesses. Many businesses actually lose money in the beginning because it can cost a lot to generate leads if you are not careful!

There are several ways to cut your leads costs to almost zero by using the Internet and a few little known strategies.

Tip #6: As a small business owner you can take advantage of many tax deductions.

Starting your own home based business gives you the advantage of tax benefits that are not available to everyone. Your advertising expenses are tax deductible as well as a portion of your home expenses if your office is set up at home.

Everyone should have a home business just to save on taxes if nothing else.

Tip #7: Stay away from the hype.

All the claims of making $1,000,000 this week may sound good, but they come at a heavy cost. Too many people have fallen for this hype and have lost all sense of real business principles.

I can help you get to a place where you are making $100, $500, or even $5,000 a month... But it usually won't happen overnight. It will also take some effort on your part. You just have to follow a simple system which has worked for so many other people.

Tip #8: Find a Mastermind group.

One of the best success books of all time is, "Think and Grow Rich." If you don't own it, you should get over to a bookstore and buy a copy today.

One of its key principles is the Mastermind group. Every top team leader and almost every millionaire participates in a Mastermind group. By combining your talents and skills with others in the group, you'll be able to multiply everyone's efforts.

Every member of the group becomes more successful as a result. I have my own Mastermind group and we currently have an opening for a couple more people if you're interested.

Tip #9: You must build a residual income.

Don't just sell something one time. Find a way to earn a residual income from anything you sell. If you sell something today then you should earn an income on it every month for the rest of your life.

That's how real wealth is built. It's not by finding a new customer for your product or service every single day. Sell something once and earn an income forever.

Try telling your boss that you want to go to work tomorrow and that you want them to pay you for the rest of the year. They'll laugh you right out of their office.

Yet, the wealthy do this everyday of their lives.

Tip #10: I know you've heard it often, but you need to set some goals.

Most of us are just sailing through life right now without a plan. The majority of people live paycheck to paycheck all their lives. They hope Social Security will take care of them when they get older.

Big mistake. Social security isn't enough for people to live on today. It definitely won't be when you have to rely on it. You have to make a plan today... or you'll end up in desperation tomorrow.

It's your choice. You can stay where you are right now in a never ending spiral...or you can turn the corner and experience the money, lifestyle, and dreams you've always wanted.

You can make money online.

So it's your decision, but please don't take too long or it could be too late.

Copyright 2008 Joe Rispoli
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