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Ecommerce Solutions and Benefits Explained

Jul 9, 2008
Electronic commerce has gained new momentum in the 21st century and continues to gain security and accessibility. Secured servers keep transactions on an ecommerce website safe. Payment gateways offer webmasters the utmost convenience. Financial transaction companies offer webmasters invaluable tools that provide ecommerce solutions.

The most important step a company can take towards successful ecommerce is to develop a good website design. Your web design should be search engine friendly. Your focus should revolve around creating the best experience possible for your visitor. This is accomplished through attention to accessibility needs.

More and more Americans have the option of broadband and high-speed Internet connections as new access technologies emerge. This does not mean webmasters are free to use large graphics or extensive streaming media in their web design. The numbers state that over 40 million people just in the United States are still limited to dial-up Internet access.

Your website will draw in traffic from around the world and should welcome visitors of all connection speeds. Companies that want a media-intensive website can create two well-designed areas for both types of traffic.

Each of your web pages requires a fair amount of concentration. Each product should have a web page of its own. Product information can be displayed together as in a catalog or in a text list. Webmasters who utilize the catalog presentation often link each photograph and brief summary to a full web page that details the product's features.

Products should be organized by category and purpose. Clear and forthright organization eliminates concerns over disappointed clients who can't find what they're looking for. A link to a carefully structured site map on each page ensures direction and clarity no matter what information your customers try to find.

The preparation doesn't stop when you find a great website design. When your virtual store is complete, webmasters look into technical aspects of ecommerce. The most pressing matter is how to accept payments through your site. Many companies utilize the service of various merchant institutions online. These are more convenient and trustworthy, as they are through reputable banks or other financial facilities. Your company website gains a direct affiliation with legitimate and secure corporations. Customers know their sensitive information is handled only by a prestigious company. Available ecommerce solutions include outsourcing your financial transaction duties. Most ecommerce companies offer a number of merchant tools like shopping carts and instant payment handling for your website.

A "payment gateway" is required for your company to accept credit cards and echecks as an independent party. Merchant services are common on the Internet. Research into these companies provides information on fees and common practices. If you plan on handling ecommerce needs as an independent company, you need to secure certain areas of your site for ecommerce transactions. This is done through an item called an SSL certificate.

A secured socket layer, or SSL, provides the optimum privacy and security for online transactions involving sensitive information. This layer of encryption is comprised of two elements. The public component encrypts the submitter's information, while the private component deciphers it. SSLs function like an identification card and are handled via the Certificate Authority. Sending standard information online is akin to using a see-through envelope. It is easy for someone to ascertain that information and view it. A SSL places sensitive information in a figurative safe where it can't be viewed or accessed by any third party.

You can look into website promotion once you have secured your site and are prepared to manage payments. If your company is already established, you can simply add the URL onto existing company materials. Website promotion is easier than promoting a physical location. The public can visit your online store from the comfort of home. You can offer a company history or client testimonials to prove your company is a reliable and secure company.

Website promotion is cheaper than publicity in newspapers and magazines. You can advertise your website through ezines and on popular websites. Advertising online is most often handled through "per impression," or "per click" methodology. These give your advertising a better chance of being noticed as opposed to paper advertising. You are only charged with each method as your ad is viewed.

Ecommerce is always evolving to suit customers' needs. This changing atmosphere gives webmasters and website owners the advantage. More consumers are moving to the Internet for their shopping needs. This eliminates the need for costly offices and store locations. With your company website online you can have clients from around the world at a much lower price than advertising in your local area.
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Chris Coleman is a Business Analyst at Capita Technologies. Capita Technologies provides ecommerce services for a wide variety of clients.
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