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Magnetic Sponsoring versus Power Prospecting System

Jul 9, 2008
Lead generation is one of the most important elements of network marketing success. To earn more money, you need a lead generation system that can consistently provide you with high quality leads even without your supervision.

When looking for an effective lead generation system, most people's choices boil down to two things: magnetic sponsoring and power prospecting system. Let's see which one's better.

The Funded Proposal Model

Both lead generation systems, Magnetic Sponsoring and Power Prospecting System or PPS, make use of the funded proposal model. This is a relatively new trend in network marketing, one that pays you upfront and certainly enough to cover initial expenses as you build your network. This, however, is where the similarity between both systems ends.

What is Magnetic Sponsoring?

This particular lead generation system is credited to Mike Dillard. His system mainly focuses on the basic needs of prospects. It is best explained by a quote from Perry Marshall, who goes on saying that people shopping for drills didn't actually want a drill.

What they really wanted was a hole and in order to sell drills, he advised people to advertise about making holes and not drills. Simply put, magnetic sponsoring requires users to underline the demands or needs that are driving people to purchase something rather than focus primarily on the products or services being sold.

What is Power Prospecting?

In a sense, power prospecting is similar to magnetic sponsoring as it teaches the same lessons that the other lead generation system does. What makes power prospecting system different, however, is the fact that it doesn't stop there.

With PPS, users are guided throughout the way. Users aren't told what to do. Rather, they're shown what to do in a detailed step-by-step explanation because the system was designed not just to generate leads but to ensure that you build your network marketing business properly right from the start.

Power Prospecting versus Magnetic Sponsoring

Here are a couple of things that you can enjoy from PPS but not from magnetic sponsoring.

Comprehensive Training

Power prospecting system is designed to train individuals in all important aspects of network marketing. You are shown how to make effective audio and video marketing presentations for the benefit of your customers and prospects alike.

You are also given extensive Internet marketing training, including effective strategies to make your solo PPC ad stand out. Finally, live training is also given to ensure that you're ready to tackle any challenge you may encounter in the course of doing business.

Total Lead Control

The power prospecting system isn't designed to make you a figurehead and put someone else in control. PPS is all about putting you in complete control of your network right from the start. PPS will help you personalize all your electronic correspondence with your prospects. An email broadcast feature is also on hand to ensure that your network's always easy to contact whenever necessary.

With PPS, everything is branded with your name and not anyone else's.


Daegan Smith, the creator of the power prospecting system, understands the need for monitoring and evaluation. That's why he included a tracking feature in the system. With it, users can determine how each and every technique they've used is progressing and modify whatever's necessary.


Lastly, there are a lot of things to enjoy for free from the power prospecting system and you wouldn't enjoy from magnetic sponsoring. This includes but isn't limited to free ebooks, software programs, and even sample ads you can customize and use for your network marketing business.

With all these in mind, the answer as to which is better between the two is already obvious, isn't it?
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