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Multi-Level Marketing Leads: Is There Still a Need to Buy Them?

Jul 9, 2008
The best lead is the one you generate. But if you're brand new to marketing, you may not know how to generate your own multi-level marketing leads, how to do it effectively or even know how to create enough leads to help keep your business growing.

In those instances, you will have a few choices:

1. Buy leads
2. Do forum posting on multi-level marketing forums
3. Go to social sites like Facebook or MySpace and network.

Ok, let's take buying leads. It's simple to buy leads. Find a vendor, and then place an order. It's really that simple. Here's the challenging part: you don't want leads that have been sold over and over to many, many people. So, it's easy to find multi level marketing lead vendors, but finding one that has quality leads can take a bit of time.

Then after you buy from a reputable vendor, then you have to get a bit of training on how to work those purchased leads. You want to get good enough quickly, so you can start sponsoring people from the leads that you do purchase.

The longer it takes you to get good, the more money you're going to spend on buying leads i.e. you will have to go through a lot more leads to make up for the skills you lack in recruiting from them. All in all, you need to talk to people. While you're learning how to market, you can use leads to help fill in the gap.

This brings us to forum posting. This is a really simple passive marketing technique to do. If you have never done any kind of marketing or you're brand-spanking new to network marketing, then this may be the simplest thing for you to get started with.

Find a targeted forum and start responding to questions and posting some of your own. Remember to use a signature line that gets people's attention so they'll be inclined to click on your link.

Social marketing is completely free the most part, but can take a long time to do. Some people think it's a waste of time, and it is if you don't know how to approach people.

I would say the overwhelming vast majority of network marketers on these social sites, like Facebook, don't have the right approach when trying to network with others; too many people like to just spam other networkers in hopes of getting them to join their business. This is wrong. This will get you nowhere real fast and is a big time waster.

You will have to learn how to network the right way; but once you do, this will become an excellent way to help you build your business.

So, there is still a need to buy multi-level marketing leads if you lack enough skills to create enough on your own; but keep in mind that you have to start building up your lead calling skills rather quickly so it can start being profitable.
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