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Looking For Jobs in All the Right Places

Jul 10, 2008
Employers use job applications to standardize the information they have from all their applicants. You have to fill out the application as completely as honestly as possible. Remember that this is what some employers use to decide whether to call you for an interview or not.

When filling out your job application, bring your resume with you, as well as contact details of previous employers. Take a few minutes to read the instructions carefully before filling out the blanks. Be as neat as possible when you complete the application form. The application form is a reflection of you, and a legible form will swing in your favor. Answer all questions truthfully, especially for sensitive questions like why you left your last job. Being honest doesn't mean that you should be negative though; try to make a positive spin on your answers. Finally, be prepared to fill out all sorts of job applications - from simple one-page ones to applications with multiple pages and questions.

Here are some resources where you might be able to find internships.

Placement office. Your university placement office should have a list of internship programs and application dates. This is usually the place everyone first starts looking.

Networks. Tell the people in your network that you are looking for a certain kind of internship. Your network includes your family, friends at school, friends of your parents, professors, previous employers, etc.

Internship or career fair. Most universities offer a college career fair at least once during the school year and the companies who are part of it usually offer internships. Even if you intend to have your internship in a different city, go to the fair and network anyway as many companies have multiple offices.

Company websites. If you've already figured out what industry or specific group of companies you'd like to intern for, go straight to the source by checking out their websites and available internship positions.

Before you start the search for your internship, spend some time to reflect on your goals.

Figure out your career interests. An internship is one way you can streamline your career goals. If you intend to have a political career, for instance, get an internship with a local politician. If you're not sure what career path to take, consider getting an internship in both those areas.

Determine why you want an internship and what you hope to gain from the experience. There are many reasons why people get internships - college credit, learning new skills, gaining connections, etc.

Even if you know what you want to do, you can still be unsure about the industry you want to get in. For instance, if you'd like to get into sales, remember that pharmaceutical sales is different from selling insurance.

Cold calling is one effective way you can find a job. This is essentially uninvited job hunting where you dig for available job openings. The first step of cold calling is to make a list of the companies you're interested in working for. Then look for people who have the power to give you a position in that company. Do this by calling the company and asking for the name of the human resources manager or the hiring manager. Then write a dynamic cover letter to the hiring manager stating the position you intend to apply for. Include a clean copy of your resume in the letter. Finally, contact the hiring manager or the human resources manager and ask for a job interview. This step is the most difficult since you'll need to be persistent. If he or she is unwilling to give you a job interview, ask questions and try to gain more information about the field as well as the names of people you can do the whole process to again.
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