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The Legal Aspect of Sales Jobs

Jul 10, 2008
Buying a pattern from the store, sewing the clothing and selling it is not covered by copyright laws. That is, when the object of concern is the clothing made from the pattern. But if we are talking about the pattern itself, it is subject to copyright law. An exception to this rule is when the clothing itself is a work of art.

Regarding patterned fabric, it is ok if you buy the fabric you're using instead of making a fabric copying the same design. Using the fabric and mixing it with another pattern and selling is acceptable in preference to creating a product showcasing only a particular fabric.

Some states require that a franchise be registered following the guidelines concerning its sale and transfer.

Initially, check the FTC web site to determine the states requiring that franchisors register disclosure documents before they could sell their business opportunity. Get the information on how to register your franchise from the State agency's web site. Understand the business if possible confer with other franchisors to learn more. Shop for the services of local franchise lawyers and after locating one, deliberate with him about the procedures needed for registering your franchise. Review with your lawyer the disclosure document and franchise agreement to check for completeness and accuracy.

Know your competition - do research on your sales competitor and try to be better than his selling characteristic: strengths, weaknesses, selling techniques.

Know your product/service - understand the benefits and be aware of any weak points of your product and service and be ready to answer any possible feedback against it. Learn how to present your answer calmly and convincingly.

Look the Part - when you approach people to sell your stuff, the image you project will either convince them to buy or reject your product. Good grooming and dressing for the part will win you points for getting the customer's attention.

To excel in the sales profession a person should be open to all possible areas for learning the trade. Just like other professions, the choices we take can make or break us and here are some pointers to consider:

Little or 'no' confidence - the more self confident you are, the better are your chances of making the sale.

Don't stretch the truth - lying to make a sale can ruin your reputation, whatever consequence of the lie will be with you and your career for the longest time.

Admit if you really don't know the answer - but assure the customer that you'll find out for them. Don't try to pretend that you know everything as somehow it will backfire on you.

For software vendors, having some restrictions in the use of your product ensure that people will register and pay for the software. Finding that your product is what they need, consumers will be more than happy to pay for them to be able to use the merchandise. Installing protection scheme around your product tends to drive legitimate customers away causing you a lot more than the damage caused by hackers. These people who try to hack software protection program are not really into buying them and the effort you spend to prevent them from pirating your product is not worth the time.
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