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Jul 10, 2008
Looking for a job is not a new experience for anyone who ever applied for college in a university or transferred to a new school. It is not always easy to get in to your preferred institution because you have to pass an application form and other requirements, pass their entrance examinations, answer interview questions, and the like. After that, all you can do is pray and wait for a confirmation that you have passed the following and after that, what you have to do is talk to them about when the first day is and what school materials are needed to get you prepared for the big day.

It sounds like an "easier-said-than-done" situation, and it is. To have a sure shot job by the end of the month, you might have to pass 10-20 resumes to different companies of your choice (or sometimes if you are really desperate, companies that is least of your liking). You have to put persuading and impressive contents in your resume to make you look credible enough for a company to let you take an entrance test or an interview (make sure the contents are true/real, don't make up one or fake it). You have to be the highest or ace the test to get in the cut. You have to be confident when answering interview questions.

If you are a first timer in applying for a job, then you might as well be welcomed to rejections and lies, just like the rejections from the girl you asked for a date or your girlfriend goofing off and tell you a different story why she got home too late that time while you were a student. There will be a lot more in applying a job you are not the only one in the whole country wanting to be employed, every year a bunch of fresh graduates will look for a job and maybe just one out of that thousands has already occupied that office, that table, and maybe even that secretary you have dreamed of.

In a market full of companies selling similar products or provide common services, there will always be competition. So when you are applying for a position in company A and they said they'll call you back if you got in but they just said that to be polite, why don't you give a copy of your resume to company B? Some companies say they will contact you to tell you if you got in, don't hold on to that too much. In ten companies you applied who said this, maybe just one or two might actually call you back for an initial interview.

A company would have that perspective of anyone who had their hearts broken and in hope for a new lover: "There are so many fish in the sea". A company will post an ad in a newspaper or on the internet for an opening, but sometimes, with ten applicants who applied for that opening, only one may make it. So if you want that job, you have to be your very best. Here are some tips you can make use of in getting that job:

You should opt for a company that you feel you can create a change or difference, wherein you can perform well. Your hard work will be paid-off, by the company.

Before you pass or send your resume, include a cover letter that particularly concentrates on the companies' conditions, wants or requirements.

The resume should be short but precise. It should be orderly and professional. You should include employment dates. Provide causes how you found and why you left each positions. Add particulars of your accomplishments.

Employers seek for your education, training abilities, practice or knowledge and your intense yearning to be successful in the position.

Some companies ignore the fact of how much you compensate at your previous job. What's important to them is how they will benefit from you more than you will benefit from them.
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