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Reasons To Use An Exhibition Stand Designer

Jul 10, 2008
In today's exhibitions there are very large amounts of different types of stand your business can adopt to show off its potential and selling capability. Many different stands can accommodate different businesses needs such as computing software or live demonstrations. This allows the business to show off their abilities to a maximum to the public and attract the people over to the businesses stand.

If you do not manage to attract the attention of the possible clients at the show then you are losing potential customers. Many of the stand designers will ask the business how they want the stand to be set up with emphasis on any particular features. Then there is the positioning of the stand within the exhibition. For example, you do not want your number one competitor set up right next to your stand.

This means they have the potential to attract more customers than you and you will subsequently lose business. With all these points in mind the stand designers will construct the stand to the businesses specifications and include any features that the company may need such as running electricity or installing a seating area.

Many new exhibition stand designers will invite businesses to see their stand in prototype form before it is shipped off to the exhibition. This allows the company to identify and change anything that they are not happy with and can ask any questions that they are not sure about. Before the stand is built most designers will provide the company with sketches and drawings of the stand that they requested. This is another opportunity to change anything that is not right before the stand goes into construction.

With public exhibitions growing and growing more people are attending and competing business will try and make the most extravagant and striking looking stand possible to grab the people's attention. This means some businesses hire designers that might be a bit radical and adventurous with their design ideas. Most stands in modern exhibitions are two storey with large slogans and the services they are offering. This makes a clear picture for the public what the stand is about and what the business do as a whole.

But it's not just the exhibition stand that will pull the crowd towards your area. The business will need to have trained employees or the managers themselves to advertise properly what their business is about. Maybe you could also have a video playing which advertises what the business is about making it easier for the people on the stand.

Once the customers have been attracted to your stand the employees need to know what to say and talk about to the customer. For example, the person will need to explain to the customer what services they can offer him as well as how they are going to do that. They might also want to talk about predictions of prices as well as forecasts of where the customer will be after the business has helped him/her. The key to success is not to make the customer bored and lose interest from the business. This means the people on the stand need to make the presentation of what they are doing interesting as well as informative allowing the attention span of the customer to be retained.

Graphics and colours are also a major part of the exhibition stand as bright and bold colours will stand out more than dull and boring colours. This grabs the attention of a potential customer a lot easier. Also very large and clear pictures will also take interest in potential customers as it allows the business to stand out from the rest of the exhibitions stands.
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Trade show expert Catherine Harvey talks to design expert James Parker about why an exhibition stand designer would be worth the outlay at a trade show.
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