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Why Retail Stores Attract More Women Than Men

Jul 10, 2008
Most men will agree that they do not understand how women are able to match everything they wear. Nor can they understand their fascination with shoes and makeup, handbags and glad rags the minute they walk pass a shop for a split second. It appears that most women are struck by the sheer beauty of well-organised display stands marketing an expensive piece of brightly coloured garment, to which one is compelled to walk into the shop and simply try on this small bit of attractive clothing.

This is not the case for all women, but the general public will put women in the stereotype of having a compulsion over shopping. Whether we women need it or not, we are somewhat struck by something displayed in the window, if it looks good to us we will buy it, if not we will buy it anyway as we may not have this colour in our cupboards and one can never know when it will come in useful. Such is the power of advertising and the retail world.

The retail industry may have some fancy display stands to draw our attentions into walking in the said building, but it will not deny that it is a multi billion pound industry that knows how to use psychology to their own advantage. Unfortunately, for us, we are drawn into all of the advertisements we see on television and posters, depicting how our lives will be incomplete without the new electric toothbrush, or new edition of Maybelline mascara.

Men are also victims to this marketing ploy, in which many will agree that the phrase 'boys and their toys' stays true to the majority of them. These make for the most expensive toys, yet tend to be more useful and a better investment in the end. Although some of these toys are not in most high street brand shop display stands, they do fit the criteria that the retail industry needs in attracting the right audience and making that sale.

Advertising is the most powerful form of moneymaking; the trick is getting the advertisement right and communicating to the wider audience. These, however, are not exclusive to adults; parents and guardians alike will know that advertising reaches young children, who are always too keen on making their mum or dad purchase an expensive plastic toy. Advertising communicate with people of all ages, whether they are able to speak or not. It puts across to people that they are in need of this product, so much so that they cannot be without it, using flash images and well-lit window displays.

Women are the focus for most retail products, such as makeup, beauty products, clothing, accessories, homecare products and much more. It helps that many of the display stands are positioned to the front of the store, so there is available a range of options for them to select from upon visiting the shop. The main aim of advertising is to have the person buy from them the product that they allegedly cannot be without and continue buying from them in the future.

Advertising companies use brand images or brand loyalty to keep it focused on a particular label. They may use factual information for their advertisement making the product all the more appealing, with the best form of advertisement used for women by tapping into their emotional needs rather than their general needs. Companies that specialise in advertisement are usually behind all of the major commercials on behalf of the company, making it an extremely lucrative business to fall into.
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