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Michelangelo Lopez Declares Ann Armitage The Winner

Jul 10, 2008
Michelangelo Lopez named Ann Armitage the victor in a contest held a short while ago at the University of Internet Science (U.O.I.S.)

Michelangelo Lopez founded and is a major player at this online school for internet marketers named the University of Internet Science or UOIS, for short.

At the UOIS, students learn essential methods of internet marketing. In other words, how and where to market their products, business opportunities and programs. This valuable training includes some "top secret" techniques that no one else teaches. And unlike some other online training sources, UOIS is open to everyone regardless of which system or program they may be involved with.

Many classes are taught by the school's most successful students according to their individual marketing specialty. However, the majority of classes are still taught by the gregarious guru himself, Michelangelo.

It is Michelangelo's way that attracts people. He comes by his preacher-type sermonizing quite honestly as he is the son of a preacher. You should not be surprised to hear him say, "Can I get an amen?" His classes are always filled with music, humour and a playfulness that define who he is.

It was during one these rousing classes and the day after he moved into a new home that he announced a spur of the moment contest to name his new fancy shmancy office.

A founding member of the UOIS, Ann Armitage was in attendance that night as she regularly is. Having known Michelangelo for over a year and having attended many classes over that time, it is safe to say that she has good knowledge of who he is and what he believes in. It was likely this knowledge that led to winning the "Name the Office" contest.

"I was amazed at how quickly I was able to think of not 1, not 2 but 4 entries to the contest! I somehow knew which one he would pick. I guess I struck a chord", says Ann. In the blink of an eye, 40 minutes in fact, Michelangelo rendered his decision and "The Pulpit" was brought forth, winning Ann Armitage the honour and a cool $100!

Of course, every member of UOIS is a winner ... whether they know it or not.
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Before you throw in the towel on your dream of financial success, get the education you need to find the success you seek at the University of Internet Science . Join Ann Armitage and find out how to get a free 1 year UOIS subscription.
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