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Getting Ready for Search Engine Optimization

Jul 10, 2008
When Starting an Search Optimization campaign its often very attractive to skip right to fixing meta tags, title tags and modifying the body text. However you must devise an intelligent Search Campaign Plan FIRST. By identifying your target searchers and the most effective ways to reach out to them before you begin executing the nuts and bolts work you will be significantly more likely to achieve your objectives. Similar to conventional advertising efforts planning ahead involves careful research of the target buyer, Internet Search Engine Optimization (SEO) campaigns are simply not as successful without careful and thorough selection of primary keyword terms and search phrases.

Plan Ahead - Reach Your Goals

If you go the wrong way from the very start targeting keywords that no one searches for, you will end up with great but useless rankings for artificial search phrases. The only way you can ensure the success of your Internet Search Engine Optimization campaign is by doing preliminary keyword research.

When starting a company, owners typically take the time to test their market and do some research to determine demand. Why should your efforts with SEO be any different. You need to carefully consider all possible search phrases that are likely to be used by your potential clients. Further you should look at your competition to learn what key words they rank for. The next part is important, Compile a SHORT list of search terms related to your products and services that would represent your company best.

Keywords are compiled what next?

Once youve compiled your initial list of keywords you can start expanding it. At this stage you need to find out which of the keywords you have identified are most often used by the searchers. There are a number of useful tools such as Overture Search Suggestion Tool and Google AdWords Keyword Tool that you can employ for this purpose. All youve got to do is just type your search terms into the suggestion box and you will have them rated according to their popularity with the number of searches per month.

Study your Competitors!

The next stage of your Internet Search Engine Optimization campaign is researching the level of competition for your keywords in order to find out what are the chances that you will win high rankings for them. Although it can be very tempting to try and target only the most popular search terms that generate thousands of inquiries per month, you need to be realistic about your ambitions. The competition for most of those appealing keywords is so overwhelming that targeting them may be a suicide mission.

After youve investigate, and thoroughly researched your potential keywords, it will be much simpler to reduce the list to the core search phrases that your SEO Campaign will target. A successful Internet Search Engine Optimization campaign should always begin with research not just optimization. Bear in mind that you shouldnt attempt to target every phrase on the home page of your website. While the main page has the biggest potential of winning top positions it should be used for the most competitive phrases. Select no more than 5 - 6 of your most important search phrases for use on the home page.

A good start means good results

If you thoroughly prepare for Internet Search Engine Optimization this investment is sure to pay off saving you a lot of time and money afterwards.
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