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Review of Michael Cheney's Affiliate Millions Internet Marketing System

Jul 10, 2008
Recently I came across a website on how a "34-Year Old English Man Discovers The Secret To Affiliate Marketing And Gets Blasted From A Poxy $90,131 Apartment To a $820,398 Mansion.."

Being excited about this product, I decided to try out his Internet Marketing System. After going through his materials and these are my comments.

What I like about this package is that, he provide detail step-by-step video instructions on how you can profit as an internet affiliate marketer.

He uses simple analogies that helped me to better understand the more technically challenging topics for techno dummy like myself.

Alternatively, there are MP3s I can download to my MP3 players and listen to them while on the move so that I don't have to watch the videos when I don't want to. Transcripts are provided so that I can read from the text if any part that may seems unclear to me.

If you have been doing online marketing for certain period of time, I believe you would agree with me that without traffic to your website or website you are promoting, you will not be able to make money. I tested some of his traffic tactics and I started to get consistent traffic to my website which I find very amazing. The best part is you can drive many of the traffic for free!

I will be applying more of his traffic tactics to help my business such as viral traffic that I believe that will generating unstoppable online traffic.

I have also learned from him on how to pinpoint most profitable products to sell online. Now, this is "gold nuggets" my friend!

I also realized there are internet marketing techniques that I have learnt which are either incomplete or not properly executed in the past. I am glad that his video has helped me significantly to correct certain practices after watching the videos.

He presented many other sources of traffic and simpler ones as well that are indeed eye openers for me. I really can't wait to put my hands on them!

What has caught me by surprise is he added an unadvertised bonus on how to avoid traffic mistakes which can help save me time and money by not falling into traps that otherwise could happen to novice like myself and possible even experienced not knowing these at the beginning.

Overall I would say that this is a no fluff no BS quality internet marketing system for newbies as well as those experienced internet marketers looking for more ways to increase their earnings online, all in one place. It's really cool that I can get access to his system as soon as payment has been processed which is virtually immediate and I can learn at the comfort of my home. When I need to revise the materials, I can use them over and over again. He has streamlined and shortcut much of the journey that can minimize much frustrations, save precious time and money!

Hope I have given you a good coverage of Michael Cheney's Affiliate Millions Internet Marketing System. Go check it out for yourself and see if this is for you. Signing off for now and cheers!
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