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Embroidered Pink Polo Shirts

Jul 10, 2008
The embroidered pink Polo Shirt is listed as the best selling color of polo shirt ever available on the market. Now that may or may not mean much to you, but when you think about how many different types of clothes there are out there in the market place to choose from, you can start to realize this is quite a remarkable achievement.

In early 2000 the color pink came back in a very big way. Pink in all its glory flooded back into the fashion scene not only being worn by women, but also by some new age men! With pink no longer being exclusive just to women, the mainstream fashion industry began to flourish with the now famous bright pink color that has now made a name for itself.

For years the embroidered pink polo shirt was a common find amongst female golfers, both professional and non-professional. It is estimated that a stunning 60 percent of all women golfers on a course are wearing this style and color of shirt.

Top of the line polo shirts are fashioned with 100 percent quality products. This begins with the use of pique cotton. This cotton is characterized by raised parallel lines. This style of cotton is not water absorbing and generally causes water to roll from it. This is one of the main reasons why so many sports players, including golfers will wear this type of shirt. It is not only a beautiful shirt but it has function as well. The cottons tight stitching also makes the polo shirt wrinkle free and also makes them very durable.

This durability is another reason why so many famous sports teams now use the polo shirt as their typical uniform. It is also harder to rip the shirt in rougher games like polo.

Most styles including the embroidered pink polo shirt, are short-sleeved and have either an open V collar, a three button collar, or a collar that can be closed with a zipper. Some collars also include a button on each side in order to hold the collar in place.

Another characteristic, especially in polo shirts worn by tennis players is that the shirt is generally cut so that the back hangs a few centimeters lower than the front. This is done so that the shirt can easily be tucked into the back and won't be pulled out when sitting down or bending over. However, the front is shorter since it doesn't move as much in this area. This design is commonly known or referred to as the "tennis tail".

Some embroidered pink polo shirts will come with tight knitting where the sleeves connect with the main frame of the shirt. This embroidery is general made with thick thread that is either the same color as the shirt or a darker or lighter shade of pink.

Some types also include embroidery near or above the shirts pocket if the polo shirt in question has a pocket. They can also include embroidered logos.
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