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Real Estate Coach and Your Benefits

Jul 10, 2008
Anyone who is getting into real estate or is still inexperienced probably wants to look getting a real estate coach. You probably do not realize how important this is. Someone who has been around the block who is in your corner is a great resource to have.

If you are just getting started in real estate, you do not know the ins and outs of everyday work in real estate or some of the nuances in how to work with motivated sellers. A coach can help you in this manner. Think of what a benefit a coach was during your growing up years if you played sports. A coach helped you learn to play the sport, explained what to do to be successful, and was there to listen whether you did well or not. This is exactly what a real estate coach can do for you.

A real estate coach can help guide you through the first deal. This often can be a very harrowing experience because there will be many obstacles which jump in your way. It may seem that there are too many but this is part of real estate investing. Having a coach who can walk you through this will help you finish that first deal. One estimate of beginning investors is that 95% quit real estate investing after one year without doing a single deal. If you can ensure you will have greater success and actually do a deal by having a real estate coach, would you not want to use this advantage?

When looking for a real estate coach, you may consider looking for someone willing to act as a mentor or you may want to pay someone to do this service for you. You can look for a real estate coach at your local real estate investors association or other real estate networking group which is located in your neck of the woods.

If you are looking for someone who will do it for free, you have to create a win-win solution. Could you have this person help you and be given half of your profit from the first deal? Most people are willing to help others but if you want someone as an unpaid real estate coach, you are asking them to potentially invest a great deal of time in you. This is time that that person could use to find more deals and make more money. If you are able to provide some way for that person to be compensated, it could be compensated for both.
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