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Here Is A Creative Way To Attract MLM Leads To Your Business

Jul 10, 2008
I learned this mlm lead generation technique from a network marketer from Japan. When I first saw it I was impressed. He used the board game to attract prospects. Here is how it is done.

Firstly, you can book a room to have the board game. A library room or a seminar room is ideal. Then you advertise the event. You can put up flyers; use a mailing list to send out invitations, place ads in the newspaper or whatever means of attracting leads that is convenient and affordable to you.

Here is an example of an advertising headline that you can use.
-If You Enjoy Monopoly, Then You will Enjoy This- CashFlow 101 by Robert Kiyosaki.

You can tweak it and improve it. As long as it is able to attract players then it is effective.

Another tip: monitor your advertisement(s). Invest more on those that are effective and decrease spending on those that are not.

Secondly, you should demand that your prospects pay a fee to participate. This would cover your overhead expenses and even put money in your pocket if the turn-out is huge.

Then, you ready yourself for the actual day. Prepare a little speech that should last about ten minutes. It should be based on the advantages of having a residual income as opposed to an active income.

Here is a major difference between the two I think will help. An active income is generated only when you clock time. But a residual income is generated at all times.

Ensure that you practice, practice, practice. When giving a speech, one can never be too prepared.

Okay, so it is game night, what do you do? Well, you can start by getting to the designated venue first and greet everyone else as they come in. Then work the floor when the game is in progress. Try to build a level of trust between yourself and your prospects. This will help ease the tension when it is time for you to speak at the end of the game.

Explain the differences between residual income and active income. The more advantages you can relate in favor of residual income the better.

Then, at the end of your speech, ask the persons who are interested in residual income to raise their hands. Then what do you do?

You quickly get their information. They are the prospects to introduce to your mlm opportunity.

You see, it will take less effort and time to sponsor these leads. Plus you have the chance to earn some money from the persons who did not join your mlm business. So, you are in a winning situation.

This method of attracting and sponsoring leads in your network marketing business is one way of being creative. If you can think of more ways to think outside of the box, then you will have mlm success.

Remember the key to network marketing success is not recruiting everyone around you. It is about ATTRACTING the best leads to your mlm business.
About the Author
Crystian Coldeira is a professional network marketer who specializes in teaching others how to be successful with network marketing. If you want to learn more about creativity and network marketing success please e-mail him at kendell_83@yahoo or visit

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