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A Great Home Business and Its Advantages

Jul 10, 2008
Imagine the life of someone with a great home business. Getting up whenever you want, enjoying your breakfast without stress, spending time with your kids and pets. Reading the paper whilst sitting in the sun and then wandering over to your computer and checking out your tasks for the day. They work for about two hours and then turn off the computer to go have lunch and a nap. Imagine being able to spend that much time with your family and having that much time to yourself! It seems almost absurd not having to work the 9 to 5 but it is entirely possible to free yourself from the daily grind and start your own profitable home business! People each and every day are finding out how liberating it is to start your own home based business, all you need is a sense of commitment and a drive to free yourself from the daily grind.

Whoa, it can be profitable

If you are thinking that it is almost impossible to make a living where you are barely scraping by then you are sadly mistaken. Let me show you some stats of just how profitable home based business can be. According to a recent survey by the IDC, the average income of a home based businessperson is $88,000 per year! The entire industry is pulling in $4.2 billion in revenue each year! Over 87,000 people are employed in home based businesses in the US alone!

Most people working from home are working in network marketing or the direct selling business. In the year 2006 almost 15,200 people in the US were operating a network marketing business from home. This number is rising and will continue to rise by huge proportions. Of these people, almost 11% have reached the sixth level of their business plan payment system, guaranteeing them a six figure income per month, regardless of the amount of work they put in! How incredible would it be to live like that? Would not you love to do that? Imagine just working a few hours each day and getting a six figure pay check in the mail every month!

Flexibility is king

The greatest aspect of a home business is how flexible they are. You can choose your own working hours, choosing to work any time you want and swapping your working hours with any other priorities at will! You could even choose not to work on some days! Successful MLM and network marketing professionals only offer to support their downline and they will work only four to five days per week! Keep in mind though, that in order to reach those stages and those levels, you will need to really invest a great deal of time and effort. By being clear-headed and intelligent with how you approach Multi Level Marketing or Network Marketing and working smart as well as working hard you will be able to generate some seriously healthy returns. By putting in all that time and effort you will be able to lay the groundwork for being your own boss, and by maintaining your commitment and drive you will be pretty much set to conquer the world with your great home business idea.
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