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After the Ebay Product Ban

Jul 10, 2008
Many people lost their entire businesses after eBay implemented the downloadable e-book ban. For a time, I was greatly affected, and knew many other fellow e-book sellers who were also in trouble. If you are looking for a way out, then in this article, I will be discussing some tactics or strategies available that can help you and your business get back on its feet.

An obvious and also most difficult option for many to take, is to simply start selling your products right from your website instead. Ebay is a great way to attract a lot of traffic, because the traffic is qualified, and anyone who uses it has a very high chance of making a purchase. However, with this ban, having your own website may not be a bad idea. By creating a website so that it can easily promote your digital media products, you can easily serve your customers by sending them downloadable links for your e-books. Just make sure that you focus on optimizing your website so that search engines can rank you for your keywords.

This option is not for the faint of heart, however. The reason is that you must be Internet marketing savvy. Just optimizing your website for search engines is not enough; you also need to learn how to use pay per click campaigns and other affiliate network marketing channels.

I have seen many others take a different route. Many have just quit selling e-books for good. Instead they transform their e-books into digital media product format (CD or DVD). This not only allows them to sell on eBay again, but it also gives people a chance to use another medium for learning. Instead of sitting in front of a computer and reading an e-book, you can transform your information content into an audio book, or perhaps a DVD instructional video. By doing this you also attract those who value these types of learning mediums.

The eBay digital product ban was definitely damaging to the e-book seller community. But if you understand how to use Internet marketing effectively, you can easily transform your e-books into another format that will help you to get your business back running again. The trick is to learn how to set up your own website and how to market your digital media products effectively.
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