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Jul 11, 2008
Passport to Wealth is one of the companies that offer opportunities in home based businesses. Passport to Wealth markets their products, software titles and e-books on Internet marketing, directly to customers using a two-up compensation program.

If you decide to join the Passport to Wealth program, first of all you need to pay $997 to cover the registration fee. This amount entitles you to a complete package and access to several software titles and e-books to help you learn about the business. You will also become an official Passport to Wealth business associate.

Passport to Wealth has a two-up compensation program. It means that you have to pass up your first two sales to your sponsor (the one that asked you to join the program). However, afterwards you can keep every other sale that you make.

In the Passport to Wealth two-up compensation program, you really do not get anything on your first two sales. You will lose at least 2 x $997 because you are required to pass your first to sales to your sponsor. However, you need not worry because the first two sales will come easily as your sponsor will usually help you the best they can. After your first two sales have been passed up, you are no longer bound to your sponsor. In fact, you are allowed to compete with them.

The biggest disadvantage in the Passport to Wealth program is that the relationship between you and your sponsor are most likely to be strained. After you pass up your second sale, you are no longer affiliated toy our sponsor and will become competitors. Usually sponsors will not share their secrets and knowledge in order to gain advantage on their competitors. So you will have to learn by yourself how to be successful in this type of business.

The disadvantages are also there when you become somebody else's sponsor. First you need to help him make sales so you can gain money from them. However, afterwards you do not earn anything from him. Instead, you will compete with him. That is why sponsors in the Passport to Wealth program do not usually share their knowledge and tricks because they do not want their affiliates to become strong competitors.

These things will not happen in companies that offer matching override commissions. In these companies, you do not need to pass up sales to your sponsor. You will also get some matching override commissions that are quite great and also get some fees from monthly member fees. The matching override commission program, in overall, is better than two-up compensation programs like Passport to Wealth.
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