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Jul 11, 2008
Wouldn't it be fantastic if you could get paid viewing advertising on the internet? And also getting continuous website traffic of your product, service or opportunity and could be sure that 100s would see your website every week.

How about earning a significant income, simple by putting your advertising dollars to work, in a certain way, so that it will pay you to advertise.

This overview will give you a brief insight to how you can do this. Ad Surf Daily (ASD) is a growing global network that is fast becoming the largest advertising agency on the WWW. And is sure to become the next best thing the internet has seen since, well, the internet came to be.

This is an advertising company like no other. ASD is an advertising company that can cause you to earn rebates as an advertising member that are more than you pay for advertising.

Traffic exposure is a vital component and driving force for any online or offline business. People need to know you exist, they need to know what you can offer them, and they need to know how you can help them. If you cannot get the word out fast about what you offer, then you won't get the traffic needed to keep your business rolling.

The possibility of mass advertising to a global population has been opened up via the internet.

Just building a webpage won't get you any traffic. You need to know how to get people to see you. You need somebody to step in and say, "See here, this is a website worth looking at, and here it is." You need people to know that what you have to offer really exists.

Just think about the fabulous traffic you can get week after week with ASD as your advertising companion. This traffic can be yours week after week, every month, and of all the years to come as long as you are a member. Additionally you have the opportunity to earn 125% of your advertising dollar in commissions.

Let's say you spend a mere $500 in advertising this month, or week. You have the potential to earn $625 in rebates before you need to purchase new advertising packages.

Therefore $12,000 worth of $1 advertising packages can potentially earn you $15,000, and the number just goes up from there. And that is not even including the money you will make off of your own website.

Wouldn't your life be changed forever if you could generate this type of cash while advertising your business?

How long could you afford to keep advertising in ASD? Indefinitely!

Alright, so how difficult is it to be able to earn those rebates? All of the ASD advertising members pay to have their sites viewed by thousands of other members, you will just view up to 24 web pages for 15 secs each of other members of ad surf daily everyday to earn your share of rebates for that day, that's it!

The surfing platform is also provided by ASD. All those who are members receive a random display in rotation with other members. These advertisements are seen all day long along side other members ads in a random rotating generator.

How often are the rebates totaled together? How do the rebates get totaled up? If each ad package were to cost a simple dollar, and, for the sake of the argument, there are currently 1 million members active package credits on the ASD website. Let's also say there were 50 thousand dollars being spent daily on advertising credits. ASD can then pay out up to 50% of its daily total earnings in rebates everyday to its members. That means those who actively surf each day can expect to receive 25 thousand dollars total.

How Long Can I continue to earn rebates on each ad package? You will earn rebates on each ad purchase until you earn 125% of what you paid for the ad purchase. You can purchase new ad packages everyday if you wish from rebates earned and from cash deposits made to ASD. Ok, so how are rebates figured and how often does cash generator pay rebates?

With this kind of potential can you see how this company can become the largest presence in marketing on the internet in just a few short years? Its members not only get guaranteed legitimate traffic from real live people, they also earn money on their advertising dollar. Your website cannot afford to be without it, and your wallet won't be drained.
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