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Why Information Marketing is the Best Online Business

Jul 11, 2008
Becoming a best selling author and making millions upon millions of dollars working from home sounds like a dream come true for most people. The problem is that only a few people are actually able to achieve that dream. Publication is a massively competitive market, and this competition makes it really difficult to stand out. The alternate route is through self-publication, but then you have to pay for all of the expenses out of your own pocket. It is a well known fact that the internet has revolutionized the publishing industry. You can easily become a huge selling author online by writing a great eBook. This industry is known as information marketing, and it really is the best online business idea. Information marketing is one of the largest work from home business options available to you. The best part is that you can write and start selling your eBook without even spending a dime out of your own pocket. That is right, there are no publishing charges and no storage fees. This gives you total control over how you market and how you sell your eBook. You set your own price and you can sell as many copies of the book as you want!

Starting off

Hold on a minute before you fire up your text editor and start typing away, you will need to take a moment to find out about the pitfalls in the world of information marketing

The Right Topic: It is incredibly easy to select the wrong topic to write about. So many writers feel incredibly impassioned about the first topic that comes to their mind, that they get stuck with it and write an eBook only to find out that there is no market! So, before you select your topic you really need to do some research. Use Amazon and keyword research sytems to give you an idea about how marketable your topic is. If your topic is not that marketable, do a brain storm and think about all those other topics you have knowledge in that you would love to share! Keep using these tools until you find one with a market that you feel confident about and get to it.
Targeted traffic only: One of the most important rules of information marketing is to try to get highly targeted traffic only. Even if you are getting thousands of hits a day, they are useless if that does not translate to sales. Use methods that bring in quality traffic to guarantee yourself consistent sales!
Ignore Fiction: Unlike most real books, eBooks are not fictional. They are more along the lines of instructional or self-help books. eBooks are educational and help to teach people information about a subject or help them learn new skills.

Some tips for beginners

Combine your articles: If you have already written several articles in your nice, then you can put them all together to build a report. It is a real snap to do this and it takes a great deal of effort out of the eBook writing process. All you need to do is put them all together in word, edit it so that it all flows and looks nice and then convert it to a PDF file.
Market, market, market: If people do not know about your product, then they are not going to buy it, so you really need to hammer the information marketing angle hard. You need to be marketing your product 24x7. Give something away, make it seem irresistible, use google adwords and just hammer how important the product is. If you give them something for free, it is something they will not want to walk away from.

These are really the starting points and they should help you get off the blocks with your information marketing strategies.
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