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Real Ways to Make Money Online

Jul 11, 2008
There are hundreds of real ways to make money online. You might be asking What do you mean by real?, if you think real means foolproof then sorry to disappoint you but nothing is foolproof. However, if you think real means solid, tried and tested ways of making money online that have really worked for people, then there are hundreds of them. It is a simple fact that there are thousands of ways by which you can make money on the internet. However, just like everything else it is important to pay attention to the facts. It is very important that you pay close attention and really invest yourself in finding out what works for you, because at the end of the day the choice of business is up to you.

Ways with words

If you really know your way around words and you know your way around paper, there are some simple methods that will help keep your bank balance nice and healthy.

Blogs You do not even need a specific topic to start blogging. You could write about any topic out there as long as you are a decent writer. Being a decent writer is the most important prerequisite for all of these methods we are going to outline. If your writing just leaps off the screen, then get to it! Setting up a blog is a piece of cake, and you will be thanking yourself after you do it. The other additional requirement is that you can promote your blog well on social networking and bookmarking sites. If you set up your blog, promote it and start selling ad space, you will be raking in the cash.

Articles On the internet, content is king. There are millions of websites being made every single day and most of them need good quality content. If you make a name for yourself by writing great quality articles, you will be in huge demand. A great writer can write his own cheques for price and get that cash easily. By writing decent articles on any topic and promoting yourself on sites like freelancer or elance, you will be inundated with work in no time and able to make loads of money from the comfort of your own home! Imagine that, writing for a living on your own time, is not that everyones dream? The best thing is, the better the content, the more people that will want you to write articles for them and the more you will get your name out there. If you are a decent writer then you have got nothing to lose by diving headfirst into the article business.

Guest Authors There are heaps of websites out there that will pay almost up to $400 dollars for guest authors. If you have already established a name for yourself as a person who writes decent quality content, there will be hundreds of blogs out there offering you cash to write guest columns or articles for them! In doing this you will be able to build up a great reputation for yourself and see that it is a fantastic way to make money online.

eBay your way to the bank

Most people running a shop on eBay do not sell their own stuff. Even the ones who do sell their own stuff are selling their own odds and ends. There is nothing stopping you from doing it too.

Sell your own stuff The sky really is the limit. Anything that is more than a decade old automatically becomes rare and vintage. eBay is so massive that there are millions of potential buyers out there. As they say, one mans trash is another mans treasure!

Miscellaneous items Check out flea markets and garage sales to find rare items or collectables that people will pay big money for on eBay. Pick up some boxed action figures for a few dollars at a garage sale and sell them on eBay for a few hundred!

Multi Level Marketing

Whilst MLM has been around for decades, the internet has really given the industry a massive shot in the arm. No longer do you have to hassle your relatives and friends to make a sale, the internet is now the biggest market in the world and it is right at your fingertips! Using tools provided by the internet to build up your contact lists is a snap and it makes network marketing a piece of cake. If you really invest yourself and pay attention you will soon see how easy it is to make money online.

As I said before, there are hundreds of ways to make money online, but these ones are the best of all, they are tried and tested and proven to work, all you need is commitment!
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