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Ways To Make Extra Money On Weekends

Aug 17, 2007
Do you work a nine to five, seven days a week job?

If so, are you probably tied up during the week? In other words, do you not have a lot of time to chase after other money making ventures?

What about on weekends? If you are up to it there are many things that you can do on weekends to make some extra money.

First suggestion. Get your proper rest. Being tired makes cowards of us and our confidence, men or women, is very low when we need to rest. It is far better to do just three or four hours of work, with a rested prime time mind, than a tired skewed one for eight to ten hours.

If you really wish to be earning another income, on weekends, there are important options to consider. If you play your cards correctly you may be able to make more money than you thought possible.

Listed below are a few of the weekend jobs that you may wish to consider.

1. In the internet of today there is no better way to make income than by using the internet.

The internet is the biggest marketplace in the world. Once you learn how to use it correctly you can begin making a decent second check on weekends. Carefully research the options that are available online. Make a decision as to which ones will work best with you and your current schedule.

Investigate at least fifty and as many as a hundred. Decide on the best ten. Pick the best looking one that you can do and get the most help with when needed. You may even find a weekend job on the internet that, in time, you can eventually turn into a full time career if you so desire.

2. Some people feel that delivering newspapers is for kids. Not necessarily so.

If you want to make more on weekends this is also a good option for working men and women. Check your local paper. See if they are hiring weekend delivery people. Doing this a couple of days a week can make you dollars without having to put in too much time and effort.

3. Think about becoming a part time landscaper. Like working outdoors? Good at fixing up lawns?

Then maybe it is time to look into a job as a weekend landscaper. This can mean jobs and work from cutting grass to planting trees. It is best for you to do whatever you are good at.

4. Look at your full time job this way. Extend it to seven days a week by doing contract work.

Individual jobs. For example, if you work at a web design firm you can do contract work for clients on weekends. Being a freelancer in your field is an effective way to make extra work on the weekends.

Plus, you already have the knowledge needed to get started. This makes the start up process much easier.
You now have confidence. Confidence is personal business power.

Get some business cards printed up by Vista Print online, at a very low price, and pass them out whenever you give or exchange information. Have all your contact and job availability information on them. Your customers will soon start seeking you out. It is magic.

Overall, making extra cash on weekends is more than a dream if you start keeping your word of mouth and business card advertising going and research efforts steady to find something better to work on.

Listed above are four ideas to consider. Thousands more are available, and you can find them in no time if you start searching today and everyday.
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