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A Glance at Some of Internet's Most Popular Services

Jul 11, 2008
Over the past few years, a lot of development has taken place in technology and this has significantly affected our lives. One of the most noticeable results of the development in technology is the development of World Wide Web. World Wide Web, also called as Internet, has affected a number of things around us which include the way we communicate, the way we study, the way information is passed from one place to another and it has also affected the way we used to entertain ourselves.

In today's life, almost everyone uses Internet and it has become a part of life. As a result, a number of Internet services have been introduced. Internet services allow organizations to reach large audience and consumers enjoy the convenience offered to them by these services.

Some of the popular Internet services are listed below.

E-Mail: E-Mail stands for Electronic Mail. E-Mail has changed the way we used to send the message from one person to another and it's now used by almost everyone. E-Mail has replaced the old mailing system as it's very easy to send an e-mail and also, the message is transmitted instantly even if you're sending a message to someone who's located in a distant country. So, e-mail saves a lot of time and money when compared to the old mailing system. An individual can send text messages or even multimedia files via e-mail. Google Mail, Yahoo! Mail and Hotmail are some of the popular e-mail service providers.

Online Shopping: Online Shopping is another great Internet service being enjoyed by people. With online shopping, an individual can do his shopping from a website and he's not required to move to the store in order to do his shopping. All he's required to do is to place an order online and then wait for the product to arrive at his place. Almost every vendor is providing this service as it helps them to increase their sales and also to grow their business.

Secure methods have been developed for making payments and so, the consumer doesn't need to worry about anything. As online stores are never closed, an individual can do his shopping whenever he wants to.

Web Conferencing: Web Conferencing is used to conduct meetings over the Internet and the participants can be located in the different parts of the world. Each participant is connected to the other by Internet and cameras, headphones are used for real-time communication. The matter for the meeting can be easily shared between the participants. Conferences are secure as a password is required for joining the conference and so, only the allowed people can join the conference.

Web conferencing is gaining popularity among organizations as it's a great alternative to traditional method of meetings in which each participant was required to be present at same place. Web conferencing saves time and it also saves the traveling cost.

Entertainment: A number of websites are available which allows you to see movies, cartoons and play music whenever you want to. These websites also maintain a large library of movies and music files and they allow you to download the movies and music files for a nominal price.

Once you make the payment, you can either see the movies online or download them so that you can see them whenever you want to. Some websites even maintain a collection of the serials shown on the television and they let you download the files for a nominal price.
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