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Trade Shows - Display Best Practices

Jul 11, 2008
By attending a trade show you will expose your business to a world of new customers that you would not have met otherwise. This is why so many businesses allocate large amounts of resources to attending trade shows and creating their displays. A great way to build your client base is to follow trade show best practices or you will not have a successful venture. You should have a successful run in your ventures if you use these specific aspects of trade show marketing.

The first marketing tip to remember is to stay away from promoting your display in a new trade show. You may be just throwing your money away if you set up at a less expensive, untested venue that might not give you quality results. Select proven trade shows to attend, giving your display the respect it needs to be a success. Learning where to display is as important in trade show marketing as the display itself.

Quality is one of the most important aspects of your trade show display. It's also important to understand that you should choose your trade shows carefully, selecting only respected, quality shows. One can attend a variety of trade shows; however you should set up your display in shows that will appeal to the main decision makers within your market to make the most of your time. Your display should have a quality that is higher than the standard. To attract the maximum amount of traffic to your display, you will need to have clear, concise information, as well as displays such as Graphic Pop-Up Displays that will stand out from the crowd.

Trade shows are completely different than most sales environments. Most trade show attendees have both a limited amount of time and a short attention span, so it is very important for your sales team and display to engage potential customers. Your trade show team will need to be trained to answer customers' questions accurately and professionally. Your trade show display should make it easy for your staff to demonstrate your product for prospective customers.

Your success at a trade show relies primarily on dramatics. In order to receive the attention of customers, your display should stand out among the hundreds of other displays at the site. You want your trade show display to stand out and be seen. The goal, of course, is to make your display stand out from all the rest, whether by offering prizes, games, or utilizing a state-of-the-art display booth. The fact that top trade show users take months to prepare their display should tell you how important they consider good organization.

You should begin to plan your trade show display by researching what your customers are looking for and how your product can be explained in a streamlined, fun, and exciting way. You might even want to think outside the box, choosing to display at a trade show that isn't necessarily obviously connected to your industry. While there must obviously be some connection, if you're careful and plan well, such a choice can lead to excellent results.
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From a marketing standpoint, Andrea M. Minden is an expert. Using display best practices, Andrea uses custom trade show exhibit design for each trade show his company enters. From trade show display booth rentals to custom trade show exhibits, Andrea knows that professionalism and customization are key.
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