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Should You Monetize Your Internet Home Based Business Ideas With AdSense

Jul 11, 2008
As said above, the Business Plan is the starting point for everything, so the question about whether we should use AdSense or affiliate programs only, should get the answer from there too.

1.What Is Your Target Group And Your Business Concept?

The marketing of internet home business ideas is all about making sharp choices. The sharper your choices are, the better you will do. Let`s take an example, you have a site, which offers internet home business ideas for newbies.

When you further sharpen the idea, you have to decide if your site is highly informative, i.e. no banners for example, or wether you will use some nice looking ads, including AdSense, because they will improve the success of those chosen items. Do you see the difference?

One big question is, what you wish your site visitor shall do on your page, what is your call to action? If you have a small site, which just tries to persuade the visitor to sign in to your newsletter, then maybe AdSense is not for that mini-site.

Your keyword selection, affiliate links, layout and other services follow the plan, ideas for newbies how to start their internet home businesses. Now, when you think, whether AdSense fits to this plan, the question is, what kind of ads AdSense will show on your pages?

2.You Can Influence On What Kind Of Ads AdSense Will Show By Section Targeting.

Section Targeting means that you just add a certain code before and after the content, which you want to become targeted.

AdSense crawlers read also the keywords, which your page uses in order to be able to target the ads correctly. This has a very positive impact, because now the ads will fit for a newbie reader.

3.The Monthly AdSense Income Should Be On A Good Level.

How much is enough? I have used an idea that if AdSense income is at least 5 times your average affiliate commission per month, then it is ok. But if it decreases lower, I should improve it or skip AdSense from my site.

The number of clicks is simply a sign, whether my site visitors see AdSense useful or not. I would reveal my key numbers here, but unfortunately it is against AdSense TOS.

4.The Success Of The Website Content Depends On Testing.

You may have noticed that people love new things. To the marketing of internet home business ideas this means that you have to make some changes regularly, so that the site looks fresh.

To be able to find out the best place for a single item, the only method is to test. One method, which gives you lots of ideas for testing, is to follow what other successful marketers are using.

I hope you will very quickly notice that certain locations on the page will give the best results. Also certain AdSense formats, colours etc.

5.Ads Have Their Purpose.

The marketing of your internet home business ideas needs a big amount of targeted visitors. Every single person, who lands to your page has a different need at that very moment. Generally speaking they all are looking for useful information, which you can offer in the form of AdSense too.
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