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Utah Valley Has Become a Gem for Entrepreneurial Growth

Jul 11, 2008
Utah Valley has become well known as a center for new business growth. The surrounding region is perfect for recruitment, investment, recreation, real estate, and economic growth.


Utah Valley is the center for two major universities, Brigham Young University BYU, and Utah Valley University UVU. The two schools combined have over 50,000 students who all live with in a 15 mile radius. The caliber of education from these two schools is noted each year in major publications. Nationwide recruiters frequently visit these campus looking because they know of the bright talent they find there.


Utah Valley is home to many wealthy, and experienced business leaders. Names include: Stephen Covey, Donnie and Marie Osmond, the founder of Neways and Nuskin, Dale Murphy, and many more. There is plenty of investment capital and angel investors eager to generate more wealth. Prior and current Utah Valley companies include, Omniture, Novell, Word Perfect, and Geneva Steel.


Utah Valley is the gateway to many of Utah's world renown recreation sites. To the north, are Alta, Snowbird, and Park City, known for the best snow on earth. The ski resorts are open from late November to early April. Utah Lake, located in the center of the valley, is large and perfect for fishing, boating, and swimming. To the south is the main highway that leads to Zions and Bryce national parks, and also the famous Lake Powell. The valley is surrounded by beautiful mountains, which are perfect for hiking and camping.

Real Estate

As of June 2008, Utah Valley is among the nation's leaders in maintaining real estate value. Even during the current real estate downturn being experienced in the country, Utah has not experience large loss of value for its homes, land, and commercial real estate. Additionally, new homes continue to be built around the valley at a staggering rate. Average home prices for a five member family range from $200,000 to $500,000. Many of these homes have large yards, and are situated with views of the valley. Utah Valley's crime rate is also among the lowest in the nation.


Utah's unemployment rate is always well below the national average. Business start up costs are very low due to a young, well-educated workforce with strong work ethics. Recent State Government numbers show continued growth for the state due to low business taxes, and a growing population. During June 2008 over 50,000 new jobs were created in the State with many of those in Utah Valley. Much of the recent growth is due to increase in Technology businesses.


Utah Valley is a gem for entrepreneurs looking for an area to create a business. From well educated, experienced employee and investment firms to a booming economy and stable real estate market, Utah Valley should be considered a choice for any new business.
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