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Why a Franchise is a Good Business

Jul 11, 2008
If you have an entrepreneurial spirit and would like to be your own boss then considering an outlet franchise chain may be just what you need.

There are a lot of advantages in franchising that the single, conventional start-up company doesn't share. But you need to weigh up the benefits against the difficulties you'll probably encounter along the way in operating this kind of business.

Considering franchise opportunities may be right for one individual but not for another. You are not always in control of the decisions that are required, so if this thought does not sit well with you then maybe pursuing this type of business may not be an option. It is very important to consider all types of franchises and review their policies and philosophies too.

Joining a franchise offers many benefits that should be considered. An example is operating under a brand name of a popular and well-established product or service. Usually you would have to work long days and nights just to get your business started but by owning a franchise, the franchiser has vested interests in your success so he or she will be with you to assist you in getting your franchise open in the least amount of time.

The franchiser may already have a general business plan ready for you to integrate into your business. It will most likely not be complete but it can be used as an outline and there will be aspects that you may not have originally considered.

Advertising and the costs associated with it is another aspect of your franchise that you will not have to worry about. The radio jingles or other advertising spots will not cause you to have sleepless nights.

The franchiser will tell you from where to source your goods. In fact, the franchiser may be your supplier. Merchandising and packaging will be done for you. If you need to train your staff, the franchiser will be at hand to teach them the tricks of the trade. The franchiser may even assist if you want to sell your business on.

Another advantage is when the franchiser discusses and reviews all of the health and safety regulations with you along with any other laws pertaining to your area. Hefty fines could be the result of not following the legal guidelines set for all businesses. Therefore, franchisers will be eager to ensure your new business is fully operational in all aspects.

So you'll have many advantages over any rival businesses just starting out. The great thing is you're buying into a reputation that you haven't yet earned, and hard work and effort will pay great dividends.
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