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The Hottest Top Ten Home Online Businesses Revealed!

Aug 17, 2007
There are so many opportunities for earning money on the Internet that the choice can seem overwhelming so here are the top ten home online businesses for you to consider if you are looking for a change in career.

1. Affiliate programs.

Affiliate programs are currently the most popular and potential most lucrative of the top ten home online businesses. As an affiliate you are the link between potential customers and a merchant's website. In return for increasing the sales of their goods and services the owner of the website pays you commission. Click Bank is a good source of reference when researching the best affiliate program for you to sign up for.

2. Paid Surveys.

Market research is an essential tool that organizations use to ensure that they keep ahead of their competition. These savings can be used to reward survey participants who match the requirements. It is worth being on the books of as many of the research panels as possible. Do not be tempted to pay any high registration fees.

3. Email processing.

Next on the list of the top ten home online businesses is email processing. This is extremely simple, but often repetitive work.Pay is often based on the number of emails that you process and this can be reasonably lucrative if you can recoup any administration fee that the company charges with little effort.

4. Home Data Entry.

Another commonly undertaken home based position is data entry. This can be one of the steadiest sources of income available out there online. Many clients require efficient workers to key in records, especially into spreadsheets, and can pay relatively good rates.

5. Typing.

Typing has always been a good source of home-based income for many people, even before the Internet. It still warrants being in the top ten home online businesses as the Internet has made it easier to find these previously difficult to find openings.

It is worth placing an ad on various relevant sites to pick up typing work from people who either don't want to or haven't got time to do the work themselves. The pay can be good depending on the volume of work required.

6. Medical Transcription.

The highest in the list of the top ten home online businesses that requires some instruction is medical transcription. This is because you will be typing up the audio recordings made by a medical professional. You do need to be accurate, discreet and have some knowledge of medical terms however you should not have to pay high fees to obtain this type of work.

7. Legal Transcription.

Similar to number six in this list, legal transcription also requires a certain level of education and training to be able to understand legal jargon and type it out accurately from an audio recording. You may have to pay for recognized professional training to be able to obtain this type of work.

8. Online Store.

Running an online store is set to rise further up the list of top ten home online businesses. Ebay is the most popular of the online auction sites but also has a growing number of stores where owners can trade their goods. The setup costs are relatively low and, depending on what you have to sell, you can make reasonable profits.

9. Call Center Agent.

Call center agents are in increasing demand, especially in developing countries. This entry is the only one that requires that you are available to work at hours set by your employer. It does not offer the same flexibility as some of the other opportunities, but if you have the language skills required, it can be a lucrative position.

10. Miscellaneous Freelance Work.

Last, but by no means least, of the top ten home online businesses is freelance work. There are a growing number of websites where freelancers can register their skills and bid for projects. There is bound to be something that you can offer and the fees paid to the website for administration is often far outweighed by the money you receive for completing the project.

No matter which of these top ten home online businesses you decide to try, you should take the initiative and go for it.
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