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Hydrogen Conversion Of Cars! - Your Next Business?

Jul 11, 2008
Are you looking for a Business you can start with low startup costs and a service and product that is in high demand?

You should have a look at fitting Hydrogen on Demand kits for cars and trucks.

Did you know that with very simple means any car owner can make a device that produces Hydrogen from Water as the engine runs and feeds it into the engine trough pipes. This results in a more complete combustion, which gets more power out of the regular fuel and produces much cleaner emissions.

This will usually cause a fuel saving in the range of 25 - 50%, depending on car and system fitted. Or in Mileage terms: 50 - 100% increased mileage.

With the fuel prices putting enormous strain on most drivers budget, many people will be willing to pay the cost of a few full tanks of Petrol or Diesel for a system that could save them that outlay many times over in just a year.

And, lets not forget commercial drivers or businesses for Taxis, Trucks, Delivery Vans, Buses or Farming and Earth Moving Equipment. The list could be made very long. I am sure you can think of a few more applications.

I will go into the Hydrogen part more in a moment, but first consider this:

You could start a business like this working from home or your car/van.
You can easily source all materials needed for this.
You can easily make the components, or have someone make them for you.
You can visit local businesses with a fleet and demonstrate your product.
Telephone and Internet Directories will be full of potential customers, you can mail.
Once you have installed a few systems, word of mouth will spread.

There is lots of potential in this field. Especially since many people struggle financially, Fuel prices are skyrocketing and there is an increased awareness of environmental issues.

Here are a few things to consider when looking at a business of Supplemental Hydrogen production in cars, trucks, etc.

The Green Issue

The fact is that car engines are designed to guzzle fuel. Much of it passes trough the engine without having burned properly. That is why the catalytic converter is there to clean up the dirty exhausts. If you start researching this issue, you will find that the Automakers are and have been in Bed with the Oil Business for a long time. Detroit has bought up a number of inventions that would have saved lots of fuel, and just shelved them. Like the 300 MPG (Miles Per Gallon) carburetor. Additives were put in petrol to clog up another kind of carburetor that proved too economic.

This system will however produce a markedly cleaner exhaust, and it could even be fitted to vehicles just to pass emission tests. The Hydrogen and Oxygen gas mix turns back into water after combustion, but the nature of the Hydrogen will make the regular fuel burn much cleaner and efficiently.

If you live in the US, there are tax deductions to be had for driving a car with cleaner burning fuel.

So on top of money savings, this system also provides environmental benefits.

Benefits for Car

A car fitted with a supplemental Hydrogen system will never need to be "De-carbonized".
Because the carbon deposits in the engine will be burned away with the additional Hydrogen in the fuel mix. Many users report how the car starts running smoother and feels more responsive. With nearly all hydrocarbons in the fuel actually burning, there will be no deposits from unburned fuel.

Is it Safe?

Hydrogen can be potentially dangerous. But it is no more dangerous than Petrol or Diesel. In this case with Hydrogen on Demand I would say it is safer, as we are talking about a very small amount of gas in the Electrolyzer and the pipes. If installed properly and no flames or sparks are present when the system is opened, there is no risk. Hydrogen also dissipates quicker than fumes from ordinary fuels.

Where do I find the Technical Information?

There are some manuals available on the Internet as E-books. Some will download, but the most comprehensive has to be read on a Membership Site, it can be printed out however. At the end of this article will be a link to http://www.mileagebooster.co.uk that will give more information on this subject and present the pros and cons with the various manuals on offer. The manuals will have information about where to source the materials needed and how to build and fit the components. There are different systems, some more complicated than others. For a business I strongly recommend the simpler systems, as they will be easy to make and fit. If you have to spend days on a car, the cost of the installation starts to outweigh the savings.

A word of Advice

This is not a business where you will build a great empire. This technology is not exactly what the Oil business want to have around - and this is one of the most, if not the most powerful industry in the World. If you build a business of scale around this, they will most likely come after you. But if you operate locally, advertise locally or trough mailings - you will be flying under the radar. That does not mean you must be a One Man Band. If it goes well, by all means expand. But do not try to copy McDonalds or QuickFit. Not that there is anything illegal with these systems, but when big business fell threatened they will try to close you down.

If you don't believe me type things like "water Car" "Free Energy" "Magnetic Motor" into Google or YouTube and you will see as you study the results that the Powers that Be does not want this kind of technology in use.

If this still sounds like something you could see yourself do, why not look into the matter a bit more. Or, for starters, you could make and fit a system in your own car - just to make sure for yourself that it actually works and that it isn't that hard.

This would be especially easy if you already are a mechanic and are looking to add services to your portfolio.

Good Luck

Kent Bengtsson
About the Author
Kent Bengtsson is a swede living in the UK. Sweden has long been a forerunner in energy conservation and alternatives. On his website he gives further evaluation and information on what is available right now in this field. He will tell you why the best selling manual is probably not right for you. Do not be fooled by promoters that only say what will make you buy. They know a lot about how to make money on the Internet, but have not even read the manuals they are promoting. More on Hydrogen Fuel
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