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Primary Advantages Of Server Collocation

Jul 11, 2008
Server collocation has its own fans and critics. One might not necessarily find the idea of practically dragging his server to some other place particularly appealing. But if one is guided by common sense he might find it much more lucrative than it appears at the first glance. From every possible angle it appears to be a practical and sensible option.

The server collocation provider installs the server in the rack of his home operation center. As a result the bandwidth will get shared. In return the owner of the server will have to pay the rental charges to the server collocation provider.

Paying hefty charges for bandwidth can prove to be a big headache. Especially if a website has huge traffick rush his, the charges he has to pay for bandwidth will also be high. The prospect of paying only a rental fee to the server collocator instead of paying the bandwidth charges will surely sounds much more attractive. No one would think twice to share an unwanted burden in return of minimum expenditure.

The owner of the server is provided with an IP address which will enable him to connect with his server from anywhere. He does not have to be always physically present to operate on his server.

Another advantage of the server collocation system is that a server colocator is bound to be an expert on the typical problems that may arise with the server. It is a part and parcel of the server collocators profession to know the internal settings of a server like the back of his hand.

Power outrages would not be a problem as the server collocation center is equipped with guaranteed backup power supply in the form of onsite diesel generators. Moreover there are arrangements for substations for extended power outrages. Thus there is full guarantee that the servers will remain turned on throughout the day without unwanted interruptions like power shortages, which is the greatest enemy of servers.

Also, a server collocation provider guarantees high speed connectivity of the server via multiple connections. This helps to avoid downtime. If need be, there are also provisions for adding extra servers which can be connected with the main server. Thus huge traffick loads can be handled with ease and with minimum time.

The server is constantly kept under the scrutiny of network engineers to ensure its smooth running. Also, it is kept under tight security arrangements. Electronic access security and security guards are appointed to protect the server 24/7.This is simply because of the fact that security concerns regarding the server is much more among the server collocation provider and his staff than its owner as it is the formers main investment.

In case of any damages to the server the service collocation provider will be the worst sufferer.Thus,it can be safely said that the home operation center of the collocator the server is even safer than the owners own residence.
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